Spruce Up Your Home with Beautiful Wall Art Decor

Do you finally have a place of your own? Are you looking at your blank walls wondering what to do with them?

Maybe you don’t want to put the effort in to paint them. Maybe you aren’t allowed to paint them. But, what do know is that you don’t want bare walls.

You should look into some wall art decor. It will bring some color into your home and allow you to express yourself.

Now before you hesitate, it doesn’t have to be the boring kind that you see in doctor’s offices. There is so much more available than people think. Between what classic big name stores have and individual artists, there are infinite possibilities.

Why Would You Want Wall Art Decor?

As mentioned before, wall art lets you express yourself in different ways. It can show your interests without taking too much space. It will make your place feel like a home.

Using wall art, you can be decorative without damaging the walls. If you don’t own your home, this is especially convenient. Any damage to an apartment means that you will have to lose your security deposit.

Wall art also creates a certain feeling in a room. Using the right pieces, you can have a calming atmosphere or one full of energy. Think about whatever you want the room to portray and then pick pieces that seem to match that feeling or idea.

Different Types of Wall Art Decor

There are many different types of wall art decor. If you think you can’t find something for you, you are very wrong.


This may be one of the most obvious choices. Photos are images filled with your memories. You may want to fill your wall with your loved ones, places you’ve been, and adventures you’ve had.

Plus, you will finally do something with all the photos laying around your place.

There are so many different types of frames and ways to display pictures that you can get really creative with it.


This is another obvious choice. When people think of wall art decor, they usually think of paintings. If you think that you won’t find any painting you can afford, then you thought wrong.

A painting doesn’t need to be done by a famous artist to count as décor.

Check out your local galleries, art schools, and festivals. You would be surprised at what you can find there. There are also many websites that host artists’ work at a variety of prices.

Metal Wall Art

This will bring a little edge into your home. You would be surprised at what a skilled artist can do with metal. It can range from figures to abstract shapes, to anything else an artist’s hands can make.

Wooden Wall Decor

This brings nature into your home. This type of wall art is ideal for someone who loves nature but is stuck in the city. Some artists will burn or carve images into pieces of wood. Others will create sculptures from it.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are able to be stuck on a wall without damaging the paint. Some people use large decals as a replacement for wallpaper.

You can get certain images and shapes, or you can have an entire wall scene.

They are fairly easy to put up and take down.

Wall Clocks

These are fun and functional. You don’t have to get a boring clock, use the opportunity to find something wild. Granted, physical clocks are slowly becoming useless in a world of phones, but they are still worth looking at.

You would be surprised at how funky the designs can be.


Fabrics are a great way to bring some color and life into your space. You can have fun patterns or intricate tapestries all over your home. Plus, with fabrics, you are able to set it up any way you want.

They don’t have to be hung straight. You can twist them into shapes, braid different fabrics together, or choose to have it hung normally. You can do whatever you want.

To put it up, all you need is some tacks or tape. This means there will be very little damage to your wall.

10 Places to Get Wall Art Decor

Now that you’ve thought about different types of wall art decor, it’s now time to find some pieces that speak to you. You should take your time and do your research. There are many places that offer wall art and each place has their own aesthetic.

1. Etsy

If you want some more unique pieces and support artists at the same time, then Etsy is your store.

Type in “unique wall art” in their search bar and you get over 80,000 results. If you don’t find something that catches your eye in all that, then you may be in trouble.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair has been popping more and more like a store to go to for any home accessory needs. On their site, they have their wall décor split into different categories. There is Wall Art, Wall Accents, Metal Wall Art, Gallery Wall Sets, Wall Decals, Wall Mirrors, Wall Murals, Wall & Display Shelves, Wall Clocks, Tapestries, Stained Glass Panels, Memo Boards, and Wallpaper.

3. Walmart 

Walmart is a great place for a decorator on a budget. While some people may think that Walmart won’t offer style, you would be surprised at what they have. Like other stores, their categories include Frames, Mirrors, Canvas Art, Framed Art, Clocks, Metal Art, Display Shelves, and Posters.

They also have rooms premade and you can shop that look.

4. Target

Target is another great store for someone on a budget, though they are known more for their style. There’s over 7,000 results when it comes to wall art decor. You can choose from Wall Accents, Wall Art, Wall Decals, Wall Mirrors, Wall Shelves, Tapestries, Picture Frames, Clocks, Kid’s Wall Décor, Gallery Wall Ideas, and more.

5. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

This is a store that is known for its house accessories. There are over 3,000 choices on their site. You can look at Decals, Wallpaper, Decorative Shelving, Functional Wall Décor, Typography and Signs, Metal Wall Décor, Personalized Wall Décor, Tapestries, and Wall Accents.

6. Amazon

You can get just about anything on Amazon at this point. Why should wall art be any different? There are over 50,000 results when you search wall art. You can choose to shop by category, price, subject, size, and style.

7. Flea Markets and Yard Sales

This might not be the first place you would think of to get some modern art. You would be surprised at how diverse yard sales and flea markets can be.

Yes, there are a lot of antiques, but you might find one that you like. People keep the most interesting things in their home and you never know what you’ll find.

Plus, you will get some amazing deals. You may find a diamond in the rough for 10 dollars.

8. Local Artists

As mentioned before, check out your local artists. Search out galleries or art stores. Go to festivals and talk to the artists. You may even be able to commission an artist to create something unique for you.

It’s always nice to support individuals instead of big name stores.

9. Overstock

Overstock is another beloved site when it comes to home accessories. You can shop categories, subjects, styles, and prices. Or, you can choose to browse through its 84 pages. This may be one of the more expensive sites, so make sure you choose wisely.

10. Society6

This site is similar to Etsy. This is a site that hosts a variety of artists and lets them sell their work. Because of this, you will find a huge variety of work within it’s over 1,000 results.

You can find anything from realistic landscapes to intricate fan art. There are different types of prints and murals.

BThe best part is that the prices are reasonable and you support artists.

You Don’t Have to Buy Wall Art Decor

While there have been plenty of stores listed as places to get wall art, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. You can create paintings, tapestries, and more. If you want to express yourself, how better to do that than with your own art?

This can be fun projects for you that can take you away from your stressful life. Invite friends and have art parties where you and all your friends make art together. If you aren’t sure what to make, there are thousands of blogs with ideas. There will surely be something that will spark your interest.

If you don’t want to do that, then no worries. Not everyone wants to make their own wall art. That’s why stores and sites like Target and Etsy are around.

Just make sure when you buy something, you will want to look at it thousands of times. Don’t get anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Featured Image: CTTO Public Domain by Tim Gouw via Pexels.

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