Are you planning a party? Are you wondering what music to add to your party playlist to get the party started and keep it going? This list has you covered with 25 of the top party songs of all time.

Check out this list of songs to get your party hopping:

Got to Give it Up

Marvin Gaye rocks the cool falsetto to get your party going. Between the cowbell and the awesome beat, the objective of this song is to dance.


Pharrell gets everyone going with this song that is dedicated to being happy. There’s no reason listed for why someone should be happy, just that they should be. Celebrating joy just because is an excellent reason to dance.


“Treasure” by Bruno Mars is a great dance song that was one of the biggest hits of 2013.


This song by Rick James should come with a warning that it may get your dance floor full of people letting out their inner freak, or at least trying to break dance. The beat and the catchy lyrics make this a great dance song.

Dancing in The Dark

This 1984 hit by Bruce Springsteen is a nostalgic hit that has been a favorite song since its debut.

All Night Long

Lionel Ritchie, the Commodores singer with a super smooth voice, released this excellent dance song in 1983 and it has been a favorite since then.

Heart of Glass

One of the first songs she wrote, “Heart of Glass” has Debbie Harry, main singer of Blondie crooning a disco sounding ode to lost love.

Tainted Love

This song by Soft Cell will take your party back to the 80’s with this upbeat one-hit wonder.

Take Me Out

Franz Ferdinand’s first hit has a postpunk sound that will keep your party dancing to the stomping drum and angular guitar sounds.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Surprising to some, this song was initially written by a guy named Robert Hazard. Cyndi Lauper revised the lyrics, and in 1983, this remarkable dance song became a hit that has lasted through the decades.

Love Shack

The B-52’s were geniuses in releasing this song that encourages people to join the love shack, “the little old place where we can get together.”


The widespread success of the Village People from this song hit during the disco era and has soared over the decades to make it as a top club song repeatedly, even now. It’s almost guaranteed and expected that this song will play at any event that has dancing, so it needs to be on your party list.

Whip It

By Devo, this classic synth blast from 1980 became an instant hit and a piece of pop-culture history. Turn on this song and expect to see your dancers whipping it around the dance floor.

Take on Me

The Pop-Idol pinups that make up the group A-ha had several 80’s hits, but this one tops the list of best dance songs.

One Two Step

This hit by Ciara featuring Missy Elliot came out in 2004 that needs to be on your party playlist. If you have some avid dancers in your mix, they may break out with the dance moves that Ciara made famous on her music video.

Don’t You Want Me

Just seeing this song from the Human League on this list invokes a desire to dance. The synth riffs mixed with the vocal hook of the chorus make this song a must-have on your party dance music playlist.


Duran Duran will take your mind to a sandy beach with sunglasses on and gel in your hair with this hit from the 80’s.

Jump Around

If this song doesn’t make you want to “jump around…jump up and get down,” we aren’t sure what will. This song is a great dance party song to keep the crowd jumping around.

Tell it to My Heart

The classic 80’s synth sound and passionate voice of Taylor Dayne makes “Tell it to My Heart” a crowd pleaser.

I Want to Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

This song introduced by Whitney Houston in 1987 has been a favorite dance song since it hit the charts.


The Spice Girls dominated the late 90’s with this anthem for girls who want to dance all around the world. This British pop group made a splash that is still felt over twenty years later.

Walk This Way

This funky tune by Run D.M.C and Aerosmith is a dance floor gold mine. A rock song from the late 80’s is a perfect way to keep the party going. Be prepared for air guitars and rock-loving dancers to take the floor.

Gangnam Style

This music video to this song by Psy has reached over 2 million views which shows just how big this song is. Play this top club song to get your party moving, and doing the Gangnam Style dance.

Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-a-Lot’s love song to round bottoms was the second-best selling song in 1992. This song is a comedic genius that almost everyone knows the words to. Play this song to keep your party hopping.

Blurred Lines

Even with the ridiculousness of this song by Robin Thicke, no one can deny the catchiness of “Blurred Lines” which makes it a must-have for your dance party playlist.


If you are planning a party and need some great dance tunes, this list of twenty-five of the top dance songs needs to be on your party playlist. Having a solid mix of music that can appeal to all of the different ages and style preferences of your crowd can feel challenging but finding a balance between different genre’s and eras is a great way to appeal to everyone.

While there are easily hundreds of awesome dance party songs, the twenty-five songs on this list are top fan favorites that have been popular since their release. These songs are sure to keep your dancers moving and grooving through the night.

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