Don’t wait until Cinco de Mayo, no matter what time of year it is, throwing a south-of-the-border themed fiesta party is a good idea.

Get ready to invite family and friends over and dance the night away listening to mariachi and enjoying some delicious margaritas. Here are some ideas to help get you started with planning a fun and festive fiesta party.

Color Scheme

When you’re planning a fiesta party, don’t be afraid of incorporating prominent, bold colors into your party scheme. Look for aqua blues, hot pinks, lime green, and bright yellows.

If you are planning a Cinco de Mayo themed fiesta party, it’s appropriate to stick to the colors of the Mexican flag. Similar to how red, white, and blue go along with the Fourth of July in the United States, in Mexico, green, white, and red are the colors of Cinco de Mayo.


Stores like Target have party supplies that are great for fiesta celebrations. Typical Mexican party decorations often include multi-colored cutout banners, piñatas, and colorful tablecloths.

No spectacular fiesta party is complete without a piñata. If you enjoy crafts, there are plenty of DIY piñata tutorials that you can find online. Alternatively, you can purchase piñatas of all different shapes and sizes at almost any store that sells party supplies. Depending on the age range of your guests, you can fill the piñata with candy, confetti, flowers, temporary tattoos, or even water balloons.

If you’re interested in displaying some props throughout your fiesta, consider some of these:

  • Maracas
  • Sombreros
  • Paper flowers
  • Mexican blankets
  • Beaded necklaces

Do you like the idea of adding some plants to your party décor? Display succulents throughout the party. Cacti look great in plain clay vases, but if you are trying to get super festive, fill up glass jars with colored sand and place the succulents on top for a flashy and exciting twist.

What to Wear

You and your amigos can crank up the fun by getting decked out in fiesta party gear. Encourage guests to wear bright colors to the event.

When your friends arrive, have a table set up with exciting accessories. A lot of party stores and online vendors offer some extremely affordable costume props that will look great on you and your guests. Consider purchasing shot glass necklaces, chili pepper shaped sunglasses, and colorful floral hair clips.

Food and Drink

One of the best parts about a fiesta party is the food. Providing Mexican food at your fiesta is a smart option because this style of cuisine lends itself well to buffet-style dining and many of the dishes you prepare can be finger foods.

For appetizers, partygoers love to snack on chips and salsa. Make up a big batch of guacamole and serve it alongside quesadillas or nachos.

If setting your meal up in the form of a buffet sounds appealing, consider doing either a taco or burrito bar. Just put tortillas and beef, chicken, and bean options on one end of the table, and fill the rest of the buffet with the rest of the fixings. Ideas include cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, peppers, and a variety of salsas ranging from mild to hot.

For most people, when they think about a fiesta drink, they think about a margarita. Margaritas are great to serve at your party because they are customizable to your individual preferences.

Consider serving up variations of the drink that are served either blended or on the rocks. For spice lovers, a pineapple and jalapeno flavored option is great, and for those who prefer fruity drinks, blend up a batch of mango margaritas. You can even make a couple of margarita pitchers that are non-alcoholic if that’s more your style.

fiesta party


A sweet way to top off any fiesta is with a churro. You can quickly serve warmed up, store-bought churros. If you’re feeling like being extra festive, consider hiring a churro vendor to stop by your party to make fresh, hot batches of churros for your guests.

Piñata cupcakes are another festive idea. Fill cupcakes with fun surprises like small chocolate pieces or chewy candy. Top the cupcakes off with some vibrantly colored icing, and your dessert is sure to fit into any fiesta party seamlessly.


It’s usually a good idea to have a craft table set up whenever there are children in attendance at a party.

Here are some ideas:

Paper Bag Ponchos

Paper bag ponchos are a great way to repurpose those brown grocery store bags that are just lying around the house somewhere. This craft is easy, so is suitable for all ages.

Turn the brown bags inside out so that no logos or prints are showing. At the closed end of the bag, cut out a half circle that is large enough to fit over someone’s head. At this point, the brown bag should resemble a poncho or a tank top. Lay the bags on a table with some washable paint, and your setup is already complete. Kids and adults can paint their bag any way they like.

After the paint on the bags has dried, the ponchos are ready to wear.

DIY Maracas

Do you have plastic eggs leftover from Easter last year? If so, you can incorporate them into your fiesta party crafts.

For this project, you will just need plastic eggs, plastic stones (or any small noise maker), craft tape, plastic spoons, and markers.

To do this craft, start out by filling the plastic eggs up with stones. Next, take two of the spoons and line them up so that they align with both sides of the egg. Then, take some of the craft tape and wrap it around the egg and spoons a few times. At this point, your project should resemble a maraca.

Once securely taped together, use the markers to decorate the maraca.

With these ideas, you are sure to create a fiesta party that will definitely impress.

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