A tabletop fireplace sets the mood for any occasion. Whether you are sitting around the fire with a few close friends or using a tabletop fire pit as a unique centerpiece for a big event, you and your guests are sure to enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this fabulous household accessory.

The ambiance created by a fire is both festive and relaxing. No matter what type of events you enjoy hosting, a tabletop fireplace is sure to impress.

Tabletop fireplaces are unique because many models are portable. This allows them to go indoors and outdoors. They are easy to transport too. So, no matter what climate you live in, you can use your tabletop fire pit throughout the year.

If you are searching for a way to have all of the charms of a traditional fireplace, but don’t have the space, time, or budget, it provides another option. A tabletop fire pit is a great way to get the warm glow you want at a fraction of the cost.

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Many people find tabletop fireplaces desirable because of their safety relative to other fire pit options.

If you entertain outside, fire pits on the ground can pose a threat to small children and animals. Covered tabletop fireplaces ensure that flames are shielded. Plus, they are elevated and away from little ones and pets. You can relax and enjoy the festivities if you don’t have to monitor the fire continually.

Since they eliminate the risk of chimney fire, many people choose to use tabletop fire pits as an alternative to traditional fireplaces. If there are children in your home, you can rest assured that the kids can safely play on the floor without worrying about them being too near to the fireplace.

Gel Fuel

Tabletop fireplaces operate off of gel fuel, so you don’t need logs or gas to start your fire. Gel fuel is inexpensive. It’s also odorless and does not create any smoke. Another benefit of gel fuel is you don’t need to worry about soot and ashes. Cleaning up a tabletop fire pit is easy compared to a traditional wood fire.

When first introduced, gel fuel was considered an expensive product. Now, you’ll find gel fuel at almost any home improvement or hardware store for a reasonable price. Individual cans of gel fuel usually cost around $3.00, and can be purchased in multipacks. Buying multipacks typically results in extra savings.


Tabletop fireplaces are incredibly easy to maintain. Since they use gel fuel, you don’t need to store wood. You don’t have to hire a professional to clean out your chimney. And, no surprise piles of soot – or worse – will fall from your vent.

Another bonus of buying a tabletop fireplace is that they do not require you to bother with gas or electric lines. Place them directly on a hard surface and put the appropriate burner underneath. Voila. Now all you need to do is peacefully watch the beautiful flames.

Tabletop fire pits come with almost no overhead cost in comparison to traditional fireplaces.

Easy to Transport

You don’t have to worry about finding a permanent home for a fire pit because you can bring your tabletop fireplace with you wherever you go. You can easily bring these small fireplaces outdoors and indoors.

If you are planning on entertaining guests away from your home, pack up your tabletop fireplace and bring it with you.

Since the tabletop fireplace can be moved around so freely, there is no need to worry about rain ruining your plans. Instead, bring your portable fireplace back inside to enjoy the ambiance of the flames while you relax within the comforts of your home.

Many of these types of fireplaces come with remote controls that allow you to turn the flames on or off. Some models even feature a dimming setting that lets you set the exact ambiance you want for you and your guests.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in having a safe and beautiful fire that you can bring with you just about anywhere, Home Depot has fire pits that are sure to fit every budget and style.

The cost to purchase a tabletop fire pit from Home Depot ranges from around $80 to $200. For the amount of use you are sure to get from this fabulous home accessory, the price is extremely affordable.

Sizes typically range from seven to twenty inches. Many models offer stainless steel burners and attractive wood finishes. The flames are usually encased in tempered glass, which provides a reliable amount safety.


You can use tabletop fireplaces in a variety of decorative ways. These pieces look great displayed on a coffee table or buffet.

If you plan on hosting a big event, consider putting your tabletop fireplace on the dessert table to set a warm and cozy feel for a hot chocolate or S’mores buffet. If you plan on having a table display for party favors, a fireplace will look great there as well.

A cozy fire can entirely set the tone for almost any event. Whether you are planning an elegant indoor holiday party or relaxing with a few of your closest friends on your patio on a beautiful summer evening, a tabletop fireplace is sure to create an attractive ambiance.

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