The Super Bowl can represent a variety of things to different people. For many, it is all about the teams who are playing. While others only want to watch for the commercials. Some may only be interested if their favorite team is playing while others have tuned in to the game faithfully since it first started airing on TV.

The Halftime Show often draws in additional viewers who may not care for watching live sports. And there are others who enjoy a great Super Bowl party yet rarely pay attention to what’s happening on the big screen. Instead, they are interested in the bounty of delicious and tasty dishes that are available.

It’s safe to say that the Super Bowl is more than a championship game. It is a celebration that allows us to indulge on good food and good company.

Even if you don’t normally watch live football games on TV, By the time that Halftime rolls around, you will have a new favorite team and will have fun rooting for them to win.

Super Bowl Party Ideas And Tips On What Areas To Focus On

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The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in the U.S. and millions of people celebrate the event by hosting super bowl parties in their home. In 2018 for Super Bowl LII, the average amount of viewers was 103.4 million. With that many people watching the game in unison, Super Bowl parties are just as popular as the game itself.

If you are planning to host your own Super Bowl party, there are dozens of fun and exciting things you can do to set your party apart from all the rest. But, if this is your first time hosting a party of this magnitude, there are a few important decisions that you should get out of the way first.

What Type Of Food To Serve

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For some Super Bowl viewers, the only thing that could be more important than the game itself is the food. Whether you are serving the refreshments, or enjoying them, there should be a significant amount of planning done so that you have enough food to go around, and you have the right type of food that your party guests will enjoy.

There are a few classic menu items that go hand-in-hand with the big game. Chips and dip are always a good choice, and you can get a variety of each so that you take care of everyone’s preferences.

Sandwiches are another must-have item and you can make them as simple or as complex as you want. You will also want to have other traditional party favorites like chicken wings, pizza, fries and something creative for dessert.

You may want to be creative and try out a new appetizer recipe that you found online. But it may be best to practice making new recipes to see how they turn out before you introduce your new creations to your guests.

Be sure to consider any food restrictions for your guests and either prepare your food to meet their needs or create a smaller separate menu just for your lactose intolerant, peanut-free, vegetarian or vegan guests.

What Type Of Drinks To Serve

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While alcoholic beverages like beer and cocktails will always be welcome at most Super Bowl parties you want to keep your beverages list well-balanced by also offering your guests a good selection of non-alcoholic beverages as well.

You can have a variety of sodas, sweet tea, and juices on hand, as well as come up with some unique drink recipes that will be perfect to enjoy during the big game.

Trying out cocktails that are inspired by the competing teams is a great option when you want to offer something new and unique.

Should You Offer Other Activities?

While the majority of your party guests will be fully entertained once the game begins, you may have other guests such as small children or spouses who just aren’t into football, who will become restless.

Gather some fun activities such as board games, tossing horseshoes, or create a corn hole setup for the kids, or adults to enjoy so that they can have a good time too.

If you expect a large amount of kids to show up, perhaps ask the attending parents to chip in to rent a bounce house or similar item for the day.

10 Of The Best Super Bowl Party Ideas That Your Guests Will Never Forget

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Image source: Unsplash

Whether you are hosting your first Super Bowl party, or you are a seasoned pro, these are some of the best Super Bowl Party ideas that you can find. Be sure to add one or more of these useful ideas to your Super Bowl party lineup.

1. Create A Sub Station Buffet

Sub sandwiches are one of the best food items to have when hosting a Super Bowl party. But if you preorder ready-made sandwiches, you get them with tons of toppings or none at all. It can be difficult to order a single large sub that everyone will love. So instead, why not have a Sub Station Buffet?

Use your counter or kitchen table to lay out all the ingredients. Start with the bread at one end, then your selection of meat and cheese, followed by veggies and other toppings. At the end, place the mayo, ketchup and mustard, along with salt and pepper. Have plenty of plastic utensils for everyone to use. This allows each person to get their own custom sandwich and everyone is satisfied.

2. Try A Gameday Cocktail

While beer is the staple alcoholic drink for game day, the popularity of serving up cocktails during a Super Bowl Party is starting to catch on. Some great examples include The Bloody Maryland, Big Game Michelada, and the Blood Orange French 75.

3. Decorate Your Den For The Occasion

There is always a great selection of Super Bowl decorations available for your big party. But you may come up with some things that are more creative than others such as making a wreath for your front door using colors for your favorite team. You can also hang up pennants for both teams and choose paper plates and cups featuring team colors. Be sure to bring out all your sports memorabilia for the big day to give your living room or den a more stadium-like appearance.

4. Send Out Custom Party Invites

If you are planning one of the biggest Super Bowl events on the block, you need to make sure that everyone is informed about your party by sending out custom invites. You can use a template or create your own invitation from scratch.

Add team colors, clip art, fun graphics and fonts to make your invite stand out. And since it is for such an informal and casual event, the same rules that apply to formal invitations do not apply here.

Have fun with it, but remember to include all the details such as the start time, refreshments being served and if guests need to bring anything.

5. Try Out Super Bowl Party Games

To help keep guests entertained before the game gets started, and to give the little ones something fun to do, you can try out some fun Super Bowl party games to pass the time.

TV Bingo

Get everyone in on the fun by printing out custom bingo cards to use during the game or the commercial breaks. The blocks on the card can say “touchdown”, “Mascot on Screen”, or “Celebrity Cameo” instead of numbers.

Football Trivia 

This would be a great game for the true fans of football to play before the Super Bowl starts. Look up facts about football and put them into categories for a Jeopardy-style trivia game. You can also use printouts of mascots and logos for your guests to match to the teams.

Felt Football Coasters 

Cut out felt football shapes and let the little ones decorate them using different felt shapes, fuzzy balls and googly eyes. They can be used by the viewers during the game so that your furniture doesn’t get destroyed.

6. Invest In Fun Additional Seating

You’re all ready for the big game and your Super Bowl party when you realize that you may not have enough space for everyone to sit. Instead of buying uncomfortable folding chairs, why not invest in some fun and creative seating options by purchasing large bean bags and floor pillows? You can even buy them in team colors to go along with your party’s theme.

7. Hand Out Party Favors

You don’t have to hand out tiny bottles of bubbles and whistles to create a fun ‘treat’ bag for your guests. You can fill bags with goodies that adults can appreciate as well such as beer cozies, keychains, candy, bumper stickers, car decals, and more. Football themed treat bags can be found at any party supply store.

8. Movie Night For Those Not Watching The Game

Not everyone loves to watch football, and that’s okay. Set up a TV in another room and turn on Netflix for your guests not watching the game or offer to let them pick out a movie rental.

Your guests can still join in on all other festivities such as the great food and games, all while getting to do something that they enjoy as well. This means no one is in a hurry to leave and everyone gets to have a great time.

9. Use Team Colors With Everything

Whether you want to support your favorite team or have your party location be a neutral spot for fans of both teams, you can find an endless amount of party supplies in your team’s colors.

You don’t have to have official team merchandise with their mascot and logos printed on them to let your guests know which side you are on. Plain colored napkins, balloons, streamers, plates, utensils, cups and tablecloths will also cost you much less than those that are officially licensed products of the NFL.

10. Make Good Use Of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf may not be your ideal choice for flooring, but on game day it can serve as a fun decoration for your tabletops or in the floor nearby your TV. Create a ‘Green Carpet” for your guests to walk on to the couch or use it to lead a path to the bathroom for guests who may be visiting your home for the first time.

Host A Memorable Event By Using The Best Super Bowl Party Ideas

different foods in the table

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Whether you are hosting a small party with your closest friends or a big event with everyone on the block coming over, you will want to make your next Super Bowl party the best one ever.

These tips are just a sample of what you can do to host the perfect game day extravaganza. Make your event even more memorable than the winning touchdown by trying out a few of these Super Bowl Party Ideas.

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