Spring. The mere thought of the season energizes and enlivens. It inspires a spirit of creation, including crafting spring tablescapes.

Spring means new beginnings in nature. Buds that have curled in on themselves tightly, shivering in winter winds, unfurl into green leaves. Yellow daffodils poke their way out of the ground and turn their faces to the sun. Birds sing happily as they build their nests in anticipation of nestlings. Baby animals take their first steps.

Spring brings abundant sunshine, and it also brings buckets of rain. Rain is a welcome (kind of) part of spring because it washes away winter. It also nourishes new growth.

Spring refreshes people, too, as it lifts the winter blahs and lethargy. We have increased energy and a desire to be active. We are able to get outdoors, and we bring the outdoors in as we open windows, brighten our homes with fresh spring flowers, and eat healthy spring foods.

Sharing this splendor with friends and family by hosting a party lifts everyone’s spirits. Enhance the mood and festivities by creating a spring tablescape.

Invite in Spring—and Guests

What better way to further refresh and energize than by hosting a spring celebration. Entertaining guests can be simple or elaborate. You might host a gala such as a

  • Tea
  • Dessert party
  • Dinner

Whatever party you fancy, set the mood as you set your table. Tablescaping involves using your entire table, from the table itself to the centerpiece to place settings and dishware, stemware, and flatware, to napkins and place cards.

Tablescapes for spring represent the new season of awakening. The various themes, colors, and decorations celebrate the new season of awakening, further brighten moods, and inspire happiness.

The Many Moods of Spring

Springtime is delightful in its variety of moods. Spring feels…

  • Airy and light
  • Fresh and clean
  • New
  • Romantic
  • Playful
  • Rainy

Enliven Spring Moods through Tablescaping

When you plan a celebration and the tablescape that will enhance it, think about the elements of spring even before selecting your theme. These spring essentials can be incorporated into any dining room setting:

  • Flowers as centerpieces or smaller accents, as place cards, and in china.
  • Colors ranging from spring pastels to bold, jewel-toned hues.
  • Patterns to evoke the airiness of spring, like polka dots, stripes, gingham, and latticework.
  • Materials such as linens, lace, cotton, and satins, that are smooth or lightly textured (rather than the heavier burlaps and velvets of fall and winter tablescapes).
  • Dishware can be china with floral patterns or any type of dishes in white or other colors and patterns.

Of course tablescapes incorporate theme-specific elements as well. Let’s take a look at some of the elements you might include when crafting the above-mentioned themes.

Tablescapes for Springtime’s Many Moods

The following ideas are meant as a starting point for you as you plan to entertain. Your tablescape will provide a rich, delightful experience for your guests, especially when it is an extension of your personality. Add elements that you love and that you have around your home and garden, and your spring tablescape will wow your guests.

As you decorate, keep in mind that using items of varying heights, or using pedestals to add height to some items, adds depth and interest to your look. Using a variety of textures, patterns, and colors also makes your setting pop.

Airy and Light

Patterns, textures, colors, and space will create a wispy feel. Sprinkles of citrus, both the fruit and the colors used throughout, help achieve the feel. Miniature lights woven around the décor the length of the table provide a soft glow.

A clear vase filled with willow branches makes a fresh, light centerpiece. Decorate place settings with spring greenery from the florist or craft store or a small flower arrangement with a simple place card stamped with a lemon or an orange complements the look.

Fresh and Clean

The concept is similar to airy and light. However, you can put a playful spin on this theme by adding elements of spring cleaning.

Craft stores often carry miniature items, including cleaning supplies, for doll houses. Incorporate these into your table world as accents, place card holders, and more.

Newness in Nature

Celebrate the Earth’s awakening with outdoor elements. Pots of wheatgrass, a big bouquet of tulips or other spring flowers, butterflies, and birds bring the outside to your party. Consider incorporating baby animals as well, like this adorable lamb.

Accents such as small watering cans and miniature garden tools (perhaps peppered in with flatware) add a human touch to the nature theme. Use them to accent dinnerware or as place card holders.

You might add humor by playing on spring allergies. Create small displays of tissues tied with ribbon and allergy relief tablets enclosed in a bell jar.


Think springtime in Paris as you create a love-themed tablescape. Candles, miniature lights, an Eiffel tower, perhaps decorated with spring flowers, and wine or champagne make great accents in this theme.

Place cards could look like airplane tickets, or they could be menus delineating what you are serving, especially if it’s French-themed. Alternately, you can insert a metal name card holder into a cork.


If you’re feeling whimsical, create a playful spring tablescape. Turn your dining table into a fairy garden, complete with a woodsy centerpiece. Add elements of spring such as butterflies and flowers for a delightful fantasy world.

You can also be whimsical without being elaborate. Create miniature paper kites in a variety of colors, add pinwheels to a floral centerpiece, and you’ve added just a splash of lightheartedness.

Singing in the Rain

What’s spring without rain? As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Include showers, flowers, and happy singing.

An open umbrella makes a perfect centerpiece (but make sure it’s elevated so it doesn’t poke your guests). Attach paper raindrops to enhance the look. Use rain boots as vases to hold bright spring flowers. Make paper rain coats and write guests’ names for place cards.  A kraft paper runner sporting the lyrics to “Singing in the Rain” can leave your guests singing you praises.

Throwing a spring party, big or small, shakes off the winter blahs. Spring tablescapes are a delightful way to welcome the guests and celebrate the season of renewal.

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