Ceramic Christmas trees are nostalgic. They are a throwback to the era of our grandmothers, mothers, and even our own childhoods. The vintage ceramic Christmas tree dates back to the holidays of the 1940s through the 1980s. As such, they are an ideal contribution to a nostalgic holiday party.

O (Ceramic) Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thee

Ceramic Christmas trees were a beloved holiday decoration in many homes in times gone by. While still around today, they were more common in past decades. This makes them coveted decorations for entertainers throwing a nostalgic Christmas party.

These little trees range in height from approximately five inches to three feet. They are accent pieces that can enhance any Christmas look you want to achieve for entertaining. Trees come in green or white and can be painted or glazed.

A ceramic Christmas tree with lights adds brilliant charm to Christmas festivities. These hollow trees sit on a base with a lightbulb attached. When turned on, the tree’s many individual lights illuminate the area around it with a warm glow.

Some lights look like miniature versions of standard Christmas tree lights, while others are fashioned as tiny birds, flowers, or other whimsical shapes. Lights can be multi-colored or a single color. Ceramic trees are typically topped with a star that also lights up. Your ceramic lighted Christmas tree will make the space around it sparkle, and the more trees you use, the more your place will glow.

Why a Nostalgic Party Will Stir Your Guests

Holiday gatherings make people feel connected and cozy. Part of something bigger that’s linked to their past. Holidays are often about a sense of self and a sense of belonging, so are nostalgic by nature. Enhance these feelings by intentionally crafting a nostalgia-themed party.

A nostalgia-themed holiday party will evoke feelings of warmth and the joy of Christmases past. Writing in The Atlantic, Catherine Woodiwiss describes nostalgia as “a connection to an idealized past.” When you entertain this season and create a nostalgic theme, your guests will experience this.

How to Create a Nostalgic Holiday Theme With Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees

As you decorate your home for the holidays, use the decorations you have and love, and pepper in vintage items to connect the Christmas of today with the Christmases of yesterday. Vintage ceramic Christmas trees make an excellent starting point.

These trees make wonderful décor because they are fun and versatile. They can lend a casual, almost child-like feel to your home, or they can create a hushed, muted, formal ambience.

Use green trees with multi-colored lights to make your displays playful or to add color to monochrome schemes. White trees build the sense of nostalgia in a more formal way.

Country Living showcases a home decorated primarily in white, and accented with antiques and ceramic pinecones adorning a green Christmas tree. A vintage white ceramic Christmas tree placed on the coffee table could extend the theme of the real Christmas tree into the room. Choosing a ceramic tree with miniature lights in a single color would provide a classy, charming, glow to the whole room.

Be Creative

ceramic christmas tree

Be creative as you plan how to use ceramic trees in your holiday décor. Use multiple trees of varying heights – placed together or scattered here and there – to make these nostalgic items focal points because focal points draw guests and inspire conversation.

Alternately, you can be minimalistic. Placing just one single vintage tree in a strategic place, such as a table centerpiece, a fireplace mantle, or incorporated into a Christmas village set, can have a striking impact.

When you tablescape for your nostalgic holiday party, use these ceramic trees to accent your theme or as the main feature. Cluster several trees of different heights in the center of the table. If your mood is playful, make a group of marshmallow snowmen carolers and gather them round the trees. If formal, surround the trees with elegant ornaments.

Whether as part of your tablescape or in other areas of your home, you can display these trees with clusters of candles. Rather than plugging in the trees, light the candles around and among them. The candlelight will create a mellow, and magical, glow. This is also a convenient way to make the lights sparkle when your trees aren’t near an electrical outlet.

Combine Vintage Trees With Other Old-Fashioned Décor

These trees are both vintage and versatile. They can be a charming component of your nostalgic entertaining because they can stand alone as well as join other old-fashioned decorations.

Incorporating a variety of nostalgic Christmas decorations into your holiday home will intensify the sense of nostalgia in all who visit. Use items on their own or with other decorations.

Start with your Christmas tree. Make it shimmer and shine with strips of sparkling tinsel. Tinsel is available in numerous colors so can easily pair with your vintage lighted Christmas tree. If your ceramic tree has lights of multiple colors, consider using many different colors of tinsel on your big tree. Lights of one color can be matched exactly or contrasted.

Old-fashioned star and snowflake ornaments add to your vintage ambience. Use them in your tablescape or place them anywhere you need a unique accent.

Other items that complete your look include:

  • Nutcrackers
  • Old-fashioned Santas
  • Figure skates filled with greenery, candy canes, and/or small, old-fashioned toys
  • Elements of nature such as pine boughs, pine cones, twigs, and nuts

Scour garage sales, estate sales, and antique stores to find old-fashioned Christmas items and décor, including original ceramic Christmas trees. Replicas of such items are often found in craft stores, dollar stores, and thrift stores. Online searches can connect you with items for sale. Or perhaps you already possess ceramic trees and other items from your family’s past.

In Conclusion

A nostalgic holiday party, decorated with the stuff of Christmas past like lighted Ceramic Christmas trees, will fill your guests with warm feelings of nostalgia. Simultaneously, you create enjoyment in the present through friendship, love and relationships. Your ceramic Christmas trees may become fond memories of your Christmas present.

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