Move over, unicorns—when it comes to birthday parties, mermaids party ideas are one of the hottest trends right now. And why wouldn't they be? Mermaids are magical beings, able to glide effortlessly through the water yet still come to the surface to interact with those on land. With their beautiful iridescent tails, long, flowing hair, and undersea friends, they capture the imaginations of young kids around the world. Even years after Disney's The Little Mermaid premiered, we're still obsessed with the fantastical mermaids.

If your little one is in love with mermaids and has a birthday (or just a Saturday!) coming up, you might throw a mermaid theme birthday party for her. If that's the case, you're in luck—here, we will show you dozens of mermaid party ideas that every little girl will love on her special day! From sweet treats to activities to color schemes, we will show you how easy it is to create a fantasy undersea world right in your own home.

Your Guide to Planning a Mermaid Party

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This list of mermaid party ideas is your go-to guide for creating an undersea masterpiece. If you're thinking it looks a little daunting, just remember that the majority of materials and supplies for creating these looks can be found at any craft or grocery store near you. All it takes is a little effort and creativity to make some mermaid magic!

So where do you start? Location comes first—once you know if you're going to be at the beach, partying poolside, or keeping things indoors you can evaluate how you want to decorate and what you'd like to serve. Invitations are next on the to-do list, closely followed by creating (or ordering) all of the decorations.

There are just as many creative mermaid party ideas for food as there are for decorations, so planning out snacks and desserts can all be done in the undersea style—from veggie trays to cupcakes. Next, you'll need to keep all those little mer-people busy, so we've included a section on mermaid-themed activities that will entertain kids of any age. And finally, you'll want to send them home with a party favor that fits right in with the theme.

With our list of mermaid party ideas, you're ready to host a party your daughter will never forget!

Where Do Mermaids Gather?

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Location is important for hosting any birthday party, but it is especially critical for a mermaid themed birthday bash. Water is the key element, so the beach or a house with a pool are the top choices. However, if you don't have access to water, you can always let your decorations transport guests to an underwater world.

Your location will inform many of your other party-planning decisions. For example, if you have access to the calm, well-supervised waters of a pool, it might be fun to rent mermaid tails for the kids to try for themselves!

Mermaid parties lend themselves best to the warm summer months. But if you happen to be in a colder part of the world, creating an environment that is indoors and still feels like summer is always possible with the right amount of creativity.

Invite the Fellow Mer-People

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What would a party be without the guests? It's easy to carry over the mermaid party theme with cute invitations, whether you use DIY print-outs, hand-cut clam shells, or order custom-made cards. You can tie them into the theme of the party by using colors that match the decorations, and plenty of glitter for a magical mermaid shimmer.

Elements of a Mermaid Party

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For mermaid parties, teal and purple are the most popular colors. However, a modern mermaid can be any color of the rainbow (or all of them)! No matter what colors you choose, you can create an under-the-sea look by using ombre color shading in garlands, table skirts, and even in the cake icing. A little glitter also goes a long way toward making some undersea magic.


The decorations can make or break a birthday party, so you'll want to have plenty of mermaid party ideas on hand while setting up your space. There are plenty of elements you can use to create a mermaid theme, like undersea creatures and references to the movie The Little Mermaid.

Table decorations like mason jars can be filled with sand and shells or wrapped with netting for a nautical look. And for table settings, silverware can be blinged out with rhinestones. You can attach sparkly pieces to colorful plastic cutlery, or for a more eco-friendly take, you can add it to your own silverware and simply remove the rhinestones after the party.

Another popular way to bring the under-the-sea theme into your home is through adorable and easy-to-make jellyfish lanterns. Simply take basic paper lanterns (paint them a color other than white if you desire) and add streamers to the bottom for an instant jellyfish.

Mermaid Party Ideas That Every Little Girl Will LOVE

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Sweet Treats

Sweets like cookies, cupcakes, and candy are an important part of any birthday party, and for a mermaid's birthday bash, they have to truly dazzle. Luckily, there are several easy ways to make sure that all of your party's desserts fit the theme. Some of the easiest mermaid party ideas for desserts are sand dollar snickerdoodles (lay almond slices in a flower shape in the middle of snickerdoodle cookies before baking) and chocolate seashells on "sand."

Create edible "sand" with light brown sugar or use a blender to turn shortbread cookies into a grainy powder. The chocolate seashells are easy to make at home using sea shell molds and candy melts.

For the more ambitious baker, cupcakes topped with mermaid tails are a big hit! The tails can be made of anything from chocolate-dipped ice cream cones to rainbow-colored chocolate tails made in candy molds. If you're talented with fondant, consider sculpting them by hand. Cupcakes aside, the most challenging and possibly most stunning mermaid party ideas come in the form of cakes.

Ombre-frosted teal and purple creations abound, but the most creative has to be the "sand castle cake," a birthday cake that is sweet and 100% edible, yet looks like a sand castle that someone made right on the beach! The secret? Clever use of cookie crumb "sand."

Liquid Refreshments

While the sweet treats might take center stage with the little ones, adults know that when kids are at a pool party on a hot day, hydration is key. Parents can help keep kids hydrated by providing mermaid-style beverages that fit right in with the party theme (even if they aren't quite as sweet).

Mocktails like "mermaid water" (usually a blue or green juice mixture) are generally more tempting than a regular cup of H2O, and can be much healthier than sodas. Some popular flavors and juices to use include lemonade, blue raspberry, mint, and green, blue, or purple food coloring.

Party Favors

When it's time for all the little mer-people to head home, make sure to send them on their way with a magical party favor. One of the most popular mermaid party ideas is the "mermaid wand," which is a wand decked out with ribbons (colors to match the party theme, of course) and topped with a starfish. Other options include mermaid-themed necklaces, messages in a bottle, and even "mermaid slime." Yes, you read that correctly.

There are also plenty of creative options for packaging your party favors, from bags adorned with mermaid-themed cutouts to little beach buckets which can then be used to make sand castles all summer long.


Since the treats and the swimming will only keep kids occupied for so long, it is important to keep the party going with fun mermaid-themed activities. Some parents choose to go the artistic route and do a sand art station or seashell painting. If you're feeling less inclined to clean up a big mess at the end of the day, you can bring in the professionals with mermaid face painters and photo booths (though for the more creative and budget-minded, there are better DIY options).

If you are lucky enough to host a party at the beach, there is nothing like a good sand castle building competition! If you are in your own backyard, you can use a kiddy pool filled with lightly moistened sand to create an area for sand castle building without making the journey to the ocean.


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As you can see, there are plenty of stunning mermaid party ideas for creating a magical day for your little one. It doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, most of these are more doable than they may seem at first. All it takes is a little dedication and creativity and your little one can have a birthday party that she and her friends will certainly remember for years to come. They will never forget the day when their fantasies became reality in an undersea kingdom that was theirs to explore.

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