The kitchen is the heart of the home. The place where families join together to reconnect, and where food magic happens. For anyone who hosts guests in their home, the kitchen is where everyone gathers during parties and events. Changing the look of your kitchen can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are five ways to redecorate your kitchen on a budget.

Paint Your Kitchen in Neutral Tones

If you like to redesign your kitchen often, but don’t want to invest the money, and time, it takes to overhaul it completely, painting your kitchen in neutral tones helps. Paint your cabinets and walls in neutral or monochromatic tones, like tans or greys, and you can quickly change the theme of your kitchen by adding accessories to give your kitchen pops of color. Neutral paint allows for endless different decorating ideas.

Neutral paint colors also allow you to transform your kitchen for different holidays, or even just to change things up whenever the urge strikes. If your kitchen colors are neutral, you can change decorations to match the themes of parties you host.

A recent trend in kitchen decorations is using natural wood and stone to decorate. For people who decorate naturally, kitchen décor is typically items like stone dishes, copper pots and pans, or wooden dishes. For those who follow this trend, changing your kitchen is as simple as changing out the dishes or small appliances.

Change Curtains, Centerpieces or Cabinet Doors for a New Look

While curtains are not the central decoration of a room, changing them can have a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen. If you are craving a different feel to your kitchen, replacing curtains may be the only change you need to make. Owls are currently trending, and there are many options for owl kitchen curtains to match almost any color scheme.

Centerpieces are a quick and cost-effective way to change your kitchen theme. If you like the owl theme, you can make an owl centerpiece. Then you can periodically change the colors of the flowers on the owls to match different seasons or moods, and to give your kitchen table a whole new look.

Many people don’t realize that cabinet doors can be easily changed to give your kitchen a whole new look. You can change the doors completely, remove the doors for an open cabinet look, take out the middle and add curtains, or paint the doors. For people who like to change decorating themes often, removing kitchen cabinet doors and putting curtains up is a simple and inexpensive project.

redecorate your kitchen

Utilize the Kitchen Zone

An excellent hack for decorating your kitchen is to put most of your decorating focus around the cooking area – also called the kitchen zone – of your kitchen. The cooking area around the stove is a lot like a mantel in the living room or the bed in a bedroom. You can change decorations around your kitchen zone just like you change a fireplace mantel. Luxury lies in the details, and if you are putting most of your focus on your kitchen zone, it is easy to redo your kitchen by purchasing cheap kitchen décor and placing it around your kitchen zone for a whole new look.

Change Hardware or Light Fixtures

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to change the look of your kitchen is to put new handles on the doors and drawers in your kitchen. Changing the hardware can be a very inexpensive way to give a subtle change to the look of your kitchen.

Light fixtures can change the theme of a kitchen significantly. Chandeliers give a classic look to your kitchen, while dark rust fixtures can complete a rustic look. Finding light fixtures to match the theme of your kitchen can be time-consuming, but also very cost-efficient. To keep costs low, search for light fixtures at garage and estate sales, auctions, or sometimes even for free when other people change their kitchen. If you can find used light fixtures for cheap or free, painting them to match your kitchen is an affordable way to add finishing touches to your kitchen makeover.

Add a Backsplash

An easy-to-tackle area of the kitchen that won’t break the bank to redo is your backsplash. Whether you are redesigning a backsplash you currently have or are adding one for the first time, the backsplash is often a great way to change your kitchen inexpensively.

The backsplash area of a kitchen is limited in space, with most of them being between 10 and 40 feet. Even buying a more expensive backsplash tile will not cost a lot because the area is so limited in size. There are many different backsplash ideas, from tile to paint, and it can give your kitchen a whole new look.

If you don’t want to add a backsplash, just painting that area a different color from the rest of your kitchen can make a huge difference. If you decide to go with paint, the higher the gloss, the more resistant it is to moisture, so it is recommended that you at least use a semi-gloss.

Backsplashes are a small space in the kitchen but make a big difference in the overall look of the kitchen.


There are many ways to change your kitchen’s look without having to spend thousands of dollars. Painting your kitchen in neutral tones or adding a backsplash are two great ways to change the look of your kitchen. Finding cheap kitchen accessories to switch out regularly is an even easier and less expensive way to change your kitchen’s design.

Changing hardware, light fixtures, curtains, centerpieces, or cabinet doors are all easy and inexpensive ways to bring a whole new look to your kitchen without having to spend a lot of money.

Decorating around your kitchen zone is a great, and cost-efficient, way to keep kitchen decorating costs low, and to allow you to change themes as often as you want. Whether you want to follow trending owl, rustic, classic, or natural themes, your kitchen can look top notch with very little money needed.

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