Do you love your red vino with your beef and white vino with your fettuccini pasta?

Are you storing your favorite drink on bookshelves, dry storage cabinetry, and even your dresser drawers?

Have you been looking for a new short-term project to undertake over the weekend?

Making your own DIY wine rack may be the project you need in your life right now after all the wine you’ve been enjoying for an evening, candlelit dinners with your partner.

Benefits to Constructing a DIY Wine Rack

There are several important benefits you should consider if you’re on the fence about building a DIY wine rack.

Firstly, a DIY wine rack is more cost-efficient and apt to suit your creative needs. Some people have paid as little as $10 for their classy DIY wine racks. Wine racks from the marketplace can be quite costly, with many costing over $140 on average, for example, at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

And yes, while some are more affordable and cost under $50, no one wine rack fits all.

The economically-priced wine rack may not fit in your home adequately or simply does not suit your creative and artistic needs.

Another reason to consider building your DIY wine rack is to feel the satisfaction of taking pride in your hard work. From purchasing the materials to taking the time out of your day to construct it, building a DIY wine rack takes creative thought and good, immediate judgment.

Finally, building a DIY wine rack means by the end of the project you will have created a product that is tailored to your space at home, needs, and finances. It will only take you a few hours to complete this project.

Consider the following steps when constructing your DIY wine rack.

1. Research, Research, Research Before Purchasing Anything

Before taking a trip to your local hardware store and buying everything you think you’ll need for this project, hold your horses and hit the world wide web.

Think carefully about the type of wine rack you’d like to construct in the first place.

Are you looking for a more luxurious wine grid hutch or do you have more modest tastes and prefer a simple wall-mounted rack or an A-frame? If these are too base for your tastes, then consider the more creative types, which include anything from a tree branch wine rack to a recycled ski wine rack.

In addition to the type of wine rack, reflect on the shape of the rack you’d like to create. Is it a square shape or a rectangular one? It might even be a heart-shaped box. Whatever the shape, make sure that you think about how it will hold your wine.

Next, you have to consider the type of material you’d like to use. Are you looking for a classy hardwood finish or do you want to use a sleek, modern plastic frame for your rack?

And, of course, it’s important to plan how you’d like your DIY wine rack to store your wine. Will you be using square holes or circular ones? Are you storing the wine bottles standing up or on their sides? If on their sides, will you store them on a vertical or horizontal rack?

When stacking the wine in a modern, vertical way, think about using wooden dowels or planks for your bottles.

In addition to thinking about the type of wine rack you’d like to build, it’s important to research the instructions for building this type of rack.

2. Measure Three Times and Cut Once

After you’ve dedicated a reasonable amount of time to research, thinking about your own space at home will be the next step in this process.

Consider the following old Russian proverb: “Measure seven times, cut once.” The principle behind this proverb is quite simple: Double, triple, quadruple check to make sure that your measurements are accurate. Otherwise, you could end up with an uneven and unsafe creation.

To avoid this situation entirely when building your wine rack, take the height, width and length measurements of the location you’d like to put your rack in. If it’s too close to a crowded area in your home, it may not be an ideal location. Consider finding a cool spot in your home for this rack to keep your wine cool also.

Wherever you decide to put this rack, make sure there’s enough space for it and that it won’t be knocked down.

3. Buying the Tools and Equipment for the Job

When you’ve found an ideal spot in your home for your DIY wine rack, it’s time to make a trip to your local hardware store to buy the tools and equipment you’ll need for the job.

Let’s say you decide to construct your rack from wood materials.

The kinds of tools, equipment, and materials you’ll need will be a table saw, plywood, sandpaper or a sanding block, hand drill, jigsaw, measuring tape, paint primer, paint, paintbrush, wooden dowels, wood glue, and a nail gun.

If a wooden design is too simple for you, consider a modern touch.

Enter the DIY polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wine rack. This rack is even easier to build than its wooden counterpart. For this type of rack, you would need fewer materials than the wooden one: 4” PVC pipe, 1 ½” PVC pipe, clear PVC cement, hand saw, Dremel tool, miter saw, and sandpaper.

Following the same Russian proverb for measuring, make sure to purchase everything you need. If not, you’ll be making several trips to the hardware store.

Come prepared to the store with a list of items you’re sure you’ll need.

4. Building the Backbone of the DIY Wine Rack: The Frame

Once you have all of your tools and equipment ready and you’ve set aside a good chunk of time to finish this task, you can start constructing the frame of your DIY wine rack.

Let’s continue with the examples of the wooden and modern PVC piping wine racks.

For the vintage wooden wine rack, you’ll need your table saw and the measurements you’ve collected earlier on the rack’s future home.

To build a basic horizontal, stackable wine rack, you’ll need to use your table saw to cut out two pieces of wood for side frames. You’ll need a jigsaw to carve curved edges and slits for the shelves that will hold your wine bottles.

Afterward, you need to sand down the edges and surfaces to avoid getting splinters from any pieces of wood sticking out of your wooden frames.

If you’d like to change the color of the wood, use your choice of colored paint — starting with a primer and then using a colored-paint.

Moving on to the PVC pipes rack, this DIY wine rack requires much less work to build its frame. You’ll need your hand saw or miter saw to cut the 4” and 1 ½” PVC pipes into 11 sections of 7”. Grind the ends out with sandpaper so as to avoid any injuries to yourself or family members.

5. Carving Out the Shelves for the Vino

For your wooden DIY wine rack, you’ll need to cut two pieces of wood, using your table saw, for the shelving units of your rack.

Remembering the Russian adage, you’ll need to use one of your beloved vino bottles to measure the roundness needed to carve out the bottles to lie down on their sides neatly. Hold up the bottle to an uncarved piece of wood and, using a pencil, mark the roundness of the bottle at its neck and bottom.

Keep in mind that the bottle will have a smaller curvature in the front since that is where the neck of the bottle rests.

Mark as many of these bottle holders on your two pieces of wood. Make sure to measure an even amount of space in-between each bottle holder. You want yourself, your family members, and guests to remark on how symmetrical the wine rack is.

Next, you’ll need to get out your jigsaw or hole saw to carve out the semicircles you traced onto the wooden planks. Start with just one and then take a bottle to see if it fits well into the bottle holder.

6. Assembling Your Beautiful DIY Wine Rack

Moving back to your PVC pipes wine rack, all you have to do to assemble these beauties is use the PVC cement and apply on small areas of the pipes. Adjust as needed to find that perfect angle to give the impression of the bubbles in your favorite sparkling wine.

As for the traditional wooden rack, be sure to carve out slits into these wooden shelves at the end of these two pieces to fit into the two frames you’ve already built. Use wood glue and fit these shelves and frames together like a puzzle piece.

Take Pride in Building Your DIY Wine Rack Today

Simple, isn’t it?

After finishing with your wine rack, crack open a bottle of vino and enjoy the fruits of your labor with family and friends.

Be sure to have enough vino for everyone involved.


Featured Image: CC0 by unserekleinemaus via Pixabay

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