DIY wind chimes – You either love them or you hate them. Odds are, if you’ve found your way to this article, you’re part of the former category. We are, too, and we are excited to share with you today some of our favorite DIY wind chime ideas.

The peaceful melody of a wind chime is a favorite sound for many people and the sounds come in a variety of tones based on the materials used in the chimes. Metallic wind chimes tend to create more of a “pinging” sound where wood or softer materials will create a more soothing hollow sound.

What are Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes are believed to date back to Ancient Rome. At that time, they were mostly hung in gardens as “air décor” and a means to ward off evil spirits. From there, wind chimes popularized in Europe and Asia, eventually making their way to the United States where they became popular in Native American culture, as well.

Today, they are one of the world’s favorite outdoor decorations and continue to decorate the wind with peaceful sounds from tiny villages in Asia to big city streets in New York.

Our Favorite Ideas for DIY Wind Chimes

A lot of wind chime lovers also just so happen to be crafty people. This leads many people to make their own wind chimes to match their personal style and yard décor.

Wind chimes also make wonderful gifts, and homemade wind chimes have an extra special feel to them.

Whatever your reason for wanting to create your own wind chimes, there is no shortage of materials or ideas from which you can pull inspiration. Below, we will outline some of our favorite homemade wind chime ideas.

Grow Beautiful Sounds from Small Flowerpots.

Using small clay pots, tie knots in a rope to catch them at their drain holes. You can tie a bell at the bottom and loop the rope at the top to make sure the chimes hang easily.

For added appeal, you can paint the pots to look any way you like to match another lawn décor, your house, or your landscaping.

This is a fun craft to do with kids. It’s also a great gift for moms, grandmas, and anyone that is proud of their green thumb. You could even paint matching, unlinked flower pots to gift along with the chimes and gift this special someone a full set of our creative labor!

Put Your Widowed Earrings to Work

We all have earrings for which we have lost the mate. Rather than let them take up precious drawer space, why not give them a new job?

Pick a base (a bracelet you don’t wear anymore is a fun choice). Use string to tie the earrings at lengths where they will meet each other in the breeze and enjoy the beautiful sounds that fill your garden as a result.

Unlock an Especially Funky Wind Chime Design with Old Keys

Do you have old keys lying around the house? No idea what they unlock?

Stop worrying about it. Just know you have the best wind chime components you can find already sitting at your fingertips. Tie them to an old branch at ½” apart and let the wind do the rest.

If you want to be super fancy, you can paint them so they look as pretty as they sound!

Clean out the Junk Drawer- Anything Goes!

Every house has a junk drawer. You likely have nails, screws, broken parts of doorknobs, old locks, and a plethora of other junk objects that you know you’re never going to need, but are hanging onto “just in case.”

Such as- just in case you want to make an awesome wind chime, perhaps? Find a sturdy enough base to handle all the many heavy parts and string that junk together. It will not only be fun-looking DIY wind chimes, but we also promise it will carry its own unique sound that won’t ever be matched by another!

Pull Inspiration from the Sea

Seashells are one of those things that, sooner or later, we all acquire. Even when we don’t live near the ocean, we have often gifted sea shells or we might pick them up in novelty stores.

Most budget retailers even sell bags of small seashells for a very minimal cost.

If you’re a lover of nautical décor, you might want to try creating a seashell-themed wind chime. Use a clean branch and some transparent thread to string the shells together with beads and hang them in an appropriate place for the breeze to do the rest.

Driftwood Makes a Haunting Melody

Use cotton twine and a drill bit to piece together pieces of harvested or manufactured driftwood. The sound that results from this wind chime will create a peaceful and less abrasive sound than those made with metallic components.

Some who have experienced the sound of driftwood wind chimes have referred to their unique sound as “haunting.” We tend to agree- but it’s haunting in the best way possible!

Cook Up a Fun Craft Today

As far as DIY Wind chimes go, this is probably one of the more ingenious ideas. Using fishing line or other clear string, tie together metal kitchens cooking utensils such as a spatula, whisk, veggie peeler, or even forks and spoons. When these utensils clank together in the wind, they’ll create a beautiful sound.

Do you have a special chef in the family? They’re sure to love this neat wind chime. The best part, of course, is you can recycle broken or otherwise useless kitchen utensils. They’ll sound just as beautiful and the imperfections will only add to the chime’s unique appeal.

Write Wind Music in Pencil Lead

Stringing pencils together can work to make a surprisingly effective and beautiful sounding wind chime.

This is an especially fun gift idea for the writer or artist in your family or friend group. Simply use a ruler as the base and hang colorful pencils from it using string. If you want to be extra creative, sharpen the pencils to varying lengths to create a fun overall shape.

Bottle Caps Make an Especially Funky Sound

Metal bottle caps from glass bottles can be linked together using necklace clasps or string. Save enough to hang several strings of these metal bottle caps together and hang them from a fun-base.

An old sink drain makes a perfect base because the strings can tie through the drain holes. When the wind blows through the strings of metal bottle caps, they will hit against each other. The sound of these wind chimes will be beyond comparison. There is a fun, eclectic sound that results from this DIY wind chime design that you will love!

String Tin Cans Up to Keep Them Out of the Landfill

This is a fun rainy-day activity to do with the kids. Paint some old soup cans and let them dry then tie them to a coat hanger or stripped down lampshade using cotton string. They will make a loud and beautiful sound as the breeze moves them in the yard, as well as a lasting memory of a day, spend indoors with the people you love most!

Get to Work Decorating the Airspace

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list we put together of some of our favorite DIY wind chime ideas. Even if you didn’t, maybe our suggestions have been enough to get your own creativity flowing to create a garden decoration or gift that will be uniquely and perfectly you.

Of course, we urge you to research your wind chime components before starting. Make sure your city does not have ordinances against the use of certain components which might be considered hazardous or too loud. You also want to make sure that your chimes will hang safely without risk of falling or creating damage in high winds.

Equipped with this knowledge, we know you can create a beautiful work of art that you will be proud to show off or gift.  As wind chime lovers, ourselves, we thank you for your continued effort in decorating the wind!

Featured Image: CC0 Public Domain by Suzanne Schroeter via Flickr


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