No room is complete in a house unless it is fully decorated with some kind of furniture, right?

Well, this couldn’t be any less true for the rooms that you, your family, and your friends love to gather in, such as the kitchen, the game room, and the living room.

Couches, tables, chairs, entertainment centers, and the like are all great to have in your social gathering rooms.

But have you ever thought about how much more functional, comfortable, and homey your living room would feel if you and all of your guests were able to prop up their feet?

And wouldn’t it be better for them to be able to set down their drinks and even play games on a centerpiece that’s both convenient and stylish?

If so, then what you need is a coffee table.

Why You Need to Have Your Own Coffee Table

diy coffee table - coffee table

Coffee tables are great to keep in your house, especially in the living room, because they allow for so many different uses.

You can now eat comfortably on the couch while you watch TV because the coffee table allows you to set down your foods and drinks.

You can play card games, board games, and other games with family and friends on the coffee table while sitting in the comfort of your own home and living room.

Some coffee tables even allow you to store things inside of them, with drawers or other functionalities.

All in all, coffee tables are a great and useful thing to have, plus it adds the finishing touch to the center of your home.

But let’s face it – purchasing any kind of furniture, especially the nice and useful kind, can be pretty costly.

So, how can you still get the coffee table of your dreams while sticking to your budget, no matter how tight or lenient it might be? And how do you get the nicest one possible without spending way out of your price range?

Well, the answer is quite simple – make your own.

Ready to add a coffee table to your home space? Make sure it completes the style of your room without having to spend as much. Keep reading to figure out how you can make your very own DIY coffee table.

Materials You Will Need for a DIY Coffee Table

diy coffee table - wooden coffee table

Before getting into the actual guide that will show you step by step how to make your own DIY coffee table, it is important that you know which materials and supplies you will need before starting the project.

​Although we said that making your own DIY coffee table is relatively cheaper than buying a fancy one from the furniture stores, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to spend any money at all on it. Well, unless you already have all of the materials you need.

However, you actually need a few materials and just some tools, many of which you may likely already have.

But like always, it is a great idea to start planning ahead and setting a budget for yourself before you go out to buy your materials and supplies.

It is quite easy to start spending extra money on things – possibly those you don’t need – if you don’t go into the project with a budget already in mind.

So, what exactly are the basic materials and supplies that you will need for this DIY coffee table project?

  • ​Wood (and plenty of it).
  • ​A measuring tape or any other type of measuring tool or device.
  • ​Pencil (to mark where to cut for accuracy and precision, as well as for an even surface)
  • ​Saw (or any other kind of tool that is able to cut through the wood)
  • ​Screws
  • ​Paint
  • ​Kreg Jig
  • ​Clamps
  • ​Drywall screws
  • ​Lacquer

Step 1: Make the Legs of the Table

diy coffee table - legs of the table

The first step to making your very own DIY coffee table is to make all four of the wooden legs first.

To do this, you are going to take your saw (or whatever tool you are using to cut through the wood with) and cut the legs, each at 17 inches.

This length will get you a coffee table with legs that are not too long, therefore all four of them should be well under 2 feet tall (24 inches).  When you have a coffee table, you want it to be relatively short so that anyone can reach it while sitting on an average sized couch or chair.

If the legs are made much taller, then your DIY coffee table would be too tall for you and your guests to use comfortably.


Step 2: Make the Bottom Shelf of the Table

diy coffee table - bottom shelf table

The second step is to make the bottom part of your DIY coffee table, which can also act as a shelf.

This is a very nice feature to add to your coffee table because it not only gives it some character and more design, but it also allows you to store things and is overall very functional, practical, and useful.

In order to make the bottom shelf of your DIY coffee table, then you need to measure and cut another piece of wood to approximately 41.5 inches.

This length will give you quite enough room for storage place, while also keeping the coffee table to a decent size that will fit perfectly in your living room with no trouble.


Step 3: Make the Top of the Table

diy coffee table - table top

Of course, you can’t have a coffee table (or any table at all, for that matter) without its top.

The top of the table should measure about 27 to 28 inches, as well as the bottom shelf supporters.

It is very important that you make the top of the table with the bottom shelf in mind, as the size of it should match the size of the bottom shelf.  You don’t want it to be uneven when compared with the bottom, which is why it is a bit shorter as well.

Plus, you want the top of your DIY coffee table to be a large enough size for you to fit as much stuff as necessary.

Besides, that’s the whole point of having a coffee table, right?


Step 4: Put It Together with Screws and Tools

diy coffee table - screws and tools

The fourth step is pretty obvious. Now that you have all of the parts to your table put together, it is now time to finalize it by including the most important parts of all – parts that will hold your table together.

They might be tiny, but these screws you are using to hold your table in place are the key to building a successful DIY coffee table.

For this, we suggest that you use Kreg Jigs, clamps, drywall screws, and any other type of screw that you see fit to help you make the perfect DIY coffee table.

These are some of the strongest tools and the best-shaped ones that will not only hold your DIY coffee table in place but will also blend right in. This will give you a long-lasting and functional centerpiece for your living room.

These screws (and whatever other tools you decide to use) will be used to attach all of the pieces of the table, such as the table top, the bottom shelf, the legs, and everything in between.

Step 5: Use Lacquer to Complete the Look

diy coffee table - shiny lacquer table

The fifth and final step is to add the finishing touches to your DIY coffee table, and you do this by adding the paint.

Out of the entire building process, this is probably the most fun part. You get to choose the color of the paint, the texture, and everything in between. And what we recommend using is Lacquer Paint.

Depending on which kind of lacquer that you choose, it can either be clear or with a certain tint.  However, it will dry by solvent evaporation and puts a finish on your DIY coffee table that will allow you to add another paint over it or simply leave it the way it is.

It can either look very glossy or like an ultra-matte, depending on how much of the coat you put on and what type you use.  But it gives your DIY coffee table a very durable finish, which is exactly what it needs.

Making a DIY Coffee Table Can Be Cheap and Fun

Now that you know about everything you will need to build your DIY coffee table, you can get to the fun part – actually putting it together!

Not only can make a coffee table be relatively cheaper than buying one from a furniture store, but it can also be extremely fun, especially when you do it with other people.

So whether you are going solo on this project or it has become a group ordeal, it’s time to grab your wood, grab your screws, grab your paint, and get started on building your very own dream DIY coffee table.

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