Paris is known as the city of love and romance. For those who have visited, as well as those who’ve only dreamed of going, Paris represents a vision of softness and beauty. Thus, it’s no surprise that Paris themed décor is associated with elegance. That’s why Parisian design is so beloved.

While there are Paris themed decorations for every room in the house, three of the most popular areas to decorate are the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. In this article, we will discuss decorating using Parisian design tips for each of these rooms.

A Paris Kitchen

There are many different options for decorating your kitchen to evoke Paris. You can focus on a favorite aspect or place in Paris, like the Eiffel Tower. Or you can design your kitchen to incorporate actual Parisian design.

Paris kitchen decorations often include the Eiffel Tower, the Fleur de Lis, and some elegantly written French words. All these decorations add a certain coziness to your kitchen. Whether you want to purchase different Eiffel Tower decorations, such as wine bottle holders or salt and pepper shakers, or you want the Eiffel Tower to be subtler, like on a kitchen towel, there is no shortage of options for decorating your kitchen in a Paris theme. Some people love to decorate their kitchen with Paris décor, while others do not want any specific decoration, but they want their kitchen to feel like it belongs in Paris.

A Parisian kitchen pulls in French culture, embracing natural light and simple design with elegance. Many Parisians cherish white walls and appliances, with open cupboards, and pops of color spread throughout the room. Colorful items are often incorporated in cupboard frames or colored dishes stored in open cabinets.

Lighting plays a significant role in French culture. Many Parisian designed kitchens will have a lot of simple color patterns and natural lighting. They may also have a beautiful chandelier hanging in the kitchen. The elegance of the chandelier pulls the room together to give it a classy yet pristine look.

Paris Bedrooms

Creating a Paris themed bedroom is not difficult because there are so many options for color schemes, decorating styles, and décor.

Common color schemes for Parisian designed bedrooms are pink and cream or black and white. Recently, teal has become a favorite color to pair with the Parisian look. A classic pink theme includes a solid light pink upper half wall with the bottom half painted in vertical stripes of light pink and cream. For black and white designs, one black wall or solid white walls with plenty of black items thrown in through the decorations is popular. If you love teal, one solid teal wall with surrounding white walls is common. So is a light shade of teal for at least three walls.

With Parisian decorating, elegance is a must. One way to create an elegant look is to use styrofoam as crown molding. Use it to frame windows, pictures, and walls. One Pinterest parent designed an Eiffel Tower wall hanging with Christmas lights.

Paris bedroom décor can be themed around the Eiffel Tower, French poodles, classy chandeliers, flowers, or lace and lights. The opportunities to find or create Paris themed decorations are endless.

They can include

  • Bedding sets
  • Wall stencils
  • Bedroom furniture that is black and curvy
  • Chandeliers or lamps with beads hanging from them
  • Wine bottles
  • Café themed items.

Paris’ romance and charm is captured with natural light, soft colors, and delicate flowers.

parisian design

Parisian Bathrooms

For many, decorating a Parisian themed bathroom is easier than other rooms because it only requires a few pieces of Paris décor to look amazing. There are many ways to decorate your bathroom to look like Paris. However, more of the bathroom decorations and designs center around the black and white theme.

The Eiffel Tower look in the bathroom is sophisticated and gives even the dullest bathroom a sense of class. Switching out light fixtures to include a small chandelier or wall sconce can quickly add to the charm of a Parisian bathroom.

A Fleur-de-Lis or Eiffel Tower shower curtain with solid towels in black and white, or pink and black, instantly transforms an everyday bathroom into a Paris bathroom. Adding pictures or a few Eiffel Tower statues can complete the look. Plus, it can be done at a low price. It’s incredible how easy it is to transform an average bathroom into an elegant oasis with just a few Paris decorations.


It is easy to understand why so many people fall in love with Paris, whether they have been there or not. The City of Love and Romance has made a significant impact on the design world, and there is no shortage of decorating ideas for those who want a Parisian themed room in their house. Paris can transform any room in your home, but the most commonly themed rooms are kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

A Parisian kitchen can be designed with Paris themed decorations, or even just with the natural lighting and simple elegance of an actual Parisian kitchen.

Paris themed bedrooms are a favorite among decorators and typically combine common color schemes like pink, cream, teal, or black and white. Framing pictures, windows, or even furniture with painted Styrofoam crown molding can transform plain walls into Paris elegance.

Designing a Paris themed bathroom can be very simple and doesn’t require much in the space. Adding a Paris themed shower curtain with black and white or pink and black towels, and a few Eiffel Tower pictures and statues can transform your bathroom into the classic Paris look. Changing a light to a chandelier or adding a wall sconce can make a huge difference as well.

Parisian design tips are beautiful because of their class and elegance. That’s one of the many reasons why Parisian themed rooms are embraced by so many.

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