Sunflowers are hearty plants that provide oil and seeds to people, but many people fall in love with them because of how big and bright the flowers are. Sunflower fields are beautiful and are often sought out by people to capture family pictures, or to collect a few flowers to take home. If you love sunflowers, read on to learn more about using them to decorate your home.

​Decorating with Sunflowers

Sunflowers brighten up rooms and easily fit into home decoration ideas. In the summer, sunflowers represent the brightness of the sun. When fall comes, the yellow of sunflowers goes great with the yellows, oranges, and reds that represent fall to most people. In the winter, sunflowers mixed with red cranberries and brown pinecones transform seasonal centerpieces. During the spring, sunflowers represent the vibrant colors that pop up from underneath the snow. Adding sunflower décor is a colorful way to transform a room from dull to beautiful.

Sunflower decor is most often thought of as country inspired. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Thus, country themed kitchens need sunflowers to complete their look. Sunflowers add something to your country kitchen whether you just want a splash of color, want to theme your kitchen around them, or you are a complete sunflower addict and want them everywhere.

Following are ideas for ways to add sunflowers to your design plan.

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​Just a Splash Please

For people who have a country themed kitchen and are looking for a simple way to add some color, sunflowers are a great choice. If you want just a splash of color, place a few sunflowers in a metal pitcher on your kitchen counter or table. It’s a great way to liven up the room and add a pop of bright color. If you want something that lasts through every season, a silk sunflower centerpiece that you can spruce up with seasonal accessories is a great choice.

Sunflower and burlap go together well. Many people like to incorporate both in their kitchens by creating a wall hanging or a shelf decoration to add color and country charm to the room. Crafting a sunflower wreath is also a great way to add beauty to your kitchen without overpowering it.

​Sunflower Ideas

While some people prefer an unthemed rustic, or country, kitchen, other people love sunflowers enough that they want a genuine sunflower kitchen. If that describes you, there are endless ideas for creating or buying sunflower kitchen décor to make your kitchen a sunflower haven.

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Here are several items you can purchase with sunflowers on them:

  • ​Oven mitts and kitchen towels.
  • ​Paper towel holders.
  • ​Salt and pepper shakers.
  • ​Utensil holders and dish drainers.
  • ​Fruit baskets and bread baskets.
  • ​Floor mats and rugs.
  • ​Burner covers.
  • ​And so much more.

​The sunflower kitchen décor theme is so loved that almost anything you dream of having in your kitchen is available to purchase. If you enjoy crafting, there are thousands of craft ideas for adding sunflowers to your kitchen design. Do you enjoy the brightness that sunflowers bring to your country or rustic kitchen design? You can easily find plenty of decoration choices.

​Sunflower Junkie

If you are a real sunflower addict and find that having sunflower décor in your kitchen is just not enough, there are plenty of options for you to turn your kitchen into a sunflower oasis.

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If your kitchen is not already sunflower themed, here’s an excellent place to start. Purchase, or craft, sunflowers to cover all the basics previously mentioned. After you’ve completed that, consider adding some, or all, of these items:

  • ​Sunflower cabinet door and drawer handles.
  • ​Painted sunflowers on the fridge and stove.
  • ​Sunflower coasters.
  • ​Sunflower Kitchen Aid mixer.
  • ​Sunflower painted trash can.
  • Sunflower ceramic dinnerware.
  • ​Picture frames with sunflowers painted on them.
  • ​Tiffany themed sunflower lamp to replace a drab light fixture.
  • ​Painted walls that match a color scheme of sunflowers.
  • ​Kitchen table with a sunflower and quote painted on it.
  • ​Chairs with sunflowers painted on them.
  • ​Mosaic tiles designed into sunflowers,
  • ​And so much more.

​For the sunflower addict, there is no shortage of design ideas that will enhance every nook and cranny of your kitchen with the beautiful and bold yellows and browns of sunflowers. While some people may picture a sunflower addict kitchen looking overdone, sunflowers have a surprising knack for looking amazing without being too overpowering.


Sunflowers are a popular home decor theme. The deep yellows and browns of a sunflower, mixed with the bright green of its stem, can add a vibrant pop of color to any room. While sunflowers add charm to any country or rustic themed rooms, kitchens are the most common room people choose to enhance with sunflowers.

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For people who have a country or rustic themed kitchen, and are only looking to add a small splash of color, adding sunflowers to a vase is a great idea. People who want to enjoy the sunflower pop of color all year long, should consider creating a centerpiece that can be slightly redesigned for each season. Finding a painting with a sunflower on it is also a great way to add a touch of color without overpowering the kitchen.

Many people love a total sunflower themed décor for their kitchen. Because so many people like sunflowers, there is a vast amount of sunflower decorating ideas for the kitchen. Most people who have a sunflower themed kitchen at least have sunflower curtains, oven mitts, and towels, rugs, and tablecloths.

For sunflower lovers who just can’t get enough of their beauty, there are endless amounts of decoration ideas that can transform your whole kitchen into a sunflower sanctuary. From drawer and cabinet handles to light fixtures and dinnerware sets, if you can dream of sunflowers in your kitchen, you can purchase or craft them.

Sunflowers are beautiful and charming, which is why so many people love to decorate with them. Whether you are just looking to add color, want to design your kitchen with sunflowers, or want every area of your kitchen overflowing with sunflowers, there are decorating ideas for you. Sunflower kitchens have a country charm that is endearing to many.

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