Holiday entertaining is about so much more than serving food. It’s about gathering together to share the joy of the season. As the host, you are the main merry-maker. Set the mood and wow your guests by decking your halls. Using Christmas village sets is a brilliant way to create holiday cheer.

Christmas villages can set the right mood for your event. Capture the magic, wonder, excitement, and anticipation of the holiday season and bring it to life through the buildings, figurines, accents, and details of your village displays.

Christmas village displays are more than mere decorations. In addition to enhancing mood, these scenes can…

  • Establish a theme or enhance your other décor so that guests feel like they’ve stepped into the village’s era and setting.
  • Act as icebreakers and provide focal points for congregating and conversing—guests will gravitate toward your village displays, linger, and delight over the intricate details.

The following tips can help you enhance your Christmas village sets and enrich your holiday gatherings.

Types of Christmas Villages

Many different villages are available for you to choose from. Before you begin (or continue) building your collection (a process that takes years and can be a fun hobby in and of itself), consider your own personality, interests, and style of entertaining. Yes, you can use these villages to enrich your galas and delight your guests, but ultimately the collection is yours and should make you happy.

Consider the nature of villages. Christmas sets can be…

  • Huge and sprawling
  • Minimalistic
  • Fancy
  • Simple
  • Store-bought
  • Homemade

What fits your personality and your home? Incorporate anything you wish into a holiday party.

Christmas villages are available to buy as collections. These are typically crafted of materials such as porcelain or polyresin, and are rich in color and detail.

Houses, shops, hotels, and much more are among the pieces you can include as you create your Christmas village scene. Figurines such as people and pets, and accessories like cars, trees, benches, and decorations are used to add depth and detail. Some pieces are lit and others have sound. Different  combinations of all the individual elements make these decorations magical and endlessly interesting.

Popular Christmas Village Brands

Two popular brands that specialize in crafting village sets are Lemax and Department 56. The Lemax Christmas village sets are Caddington village, a Victorian era setting, and Santa’s Wonderland, an enchanting North Pole scene.

Department 56 villages are available in a variety of settings and eras. They include such collections as Alpine Village, Christmas in the City, Dickens Village, Dickens A Christmas Carol, Holiday in the Woods, North Pole Series, and the Original Snow Village. Some of these are large collections with many different pieces, while others have just a few.

If you are a DIY entertainer, you can also make your own villages. Buildings can be made from wood and painted with as many details as you’d like. Alternately, you can be inspired by Martha Stewart and make a simple village out of cardboard, paint, glitter, and battery powered floral lights. It’s your creation. Make it as plain or elaborate as you wish. And, make one or many Christmas villages to display in multiple locations.

christmas village sets

Where to Wow: Placing Your Christmas Village

Part of the fun of using villages for your holiday festivities is placing them. Your options are endless. Concentrate your initial efforts where you want your guests to gather. From there, expand into other areas of your home so you can enjoy them throughout the season.

Christmas village sets can be placed on their own dedicated shelves, such as book shelves, the shelves of a hutch, or a tiered corner shelf. Clear the shelves of what is usually is there, and then place your pieces to make a delightful scene.

Create a special place for your villages using boxes of different heights. Cover the boxes in white sheets or thin blankets, and craft your setting.

Use villages as your Christmas tablescape. Bigger pieces can be used as centerpieces and accents. Accessories become place cards when you tie name cards to them.

While making one big display is always delightful and sets mood well, you can also group your pieces together into miniature scenes and pepper them around your home. Do you want one big impact or multiple little delights? Do what fits your entertaining style.

Unique Displays

As wonderfully detailed as Christmas village pieces and accessories are, enhancing them with your unique touch can add depth and sparkle. Use these ideas, or create your own.

  • Place artificial snow and smaller pieces inside a hurricane lantern or large glass jar to create a miniature scene or feature one favorite item.
  • Make a delightful fishbowl snowman to house village pieces.
  • Place items atop a mirror for an icy effect as well as a beautiful one when the lights of the homes and buildings reflect off of the surface at night.
  • Create a small display in your kitchen by building a scene on a cake stand with a clear glass cover.

Don’t be afraid to add your own accents around your village setting. Doing so will add height, depth, texture, and details.

  • Use candles behind or among the pieces.
  • Pine garland and white lights add more holiday spirit.
  • Pepper in some round ornaments.
  • Add pinecones as they are, or sprayed with gold, silver, or white metallic paint.
  • Place pieces on Christmas books, stacked to varying heights.
  • Hang candy canes above your display. Suspend this Christmas candy from ribbon as seen in House Beautiful.


The company you invite for holiday festivities will enter a magical world when they step across your threshold. Christmas village sets can be among the things you delight them with. Use villages as one big setting or as smaller scenes placed around your entertaining area. No matter what type of village you use or how you use it, you’ll have your own magical wonderland.

Image Source: Adobe Stock

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