Entertaining guests and serving them delicious, nourishing meals is an enjoyable way to connect with friends, family, and even coworkers. Doing so in a dining room you’re proud of, and that sets the mood for the gathering, makes the event even more special. You don’t have to take out a bank loan to achieve this. You can spruce up your dining room and wow your guests with these budget friendly dining room decorating ideas.

Consider the Room

As you begin your project, consider the room itself. Do you have a separate room with its own walls that sets it apart as a formal dining room? One way to make this room feel special, unique compared to the rest of your home, is to paint it so it is different, offset from your other rooms.

Or, you might have a kitchen-dining room combo. You can separate them with décor and color, but because they’re connected, you’ll want to match color themes. However, give your dining room its own bold accent color that visually sets it apart from the kitchen.

Whether you entertain guests in a dedicated dining room or in a kitchen-dining room combo, you can do so in renewed style. Even better, you can do it on a budget.

Here’s how.

Tips for Budget Friendly Dining Room Decorating

Dining room makeovers can completely transform a room and give it a fresh, new ambience for even elegant entertaining. Surprisingly, this update doesn’t have to cost much money. It’s not how much you spend that makes an impact but rather how creative and open-minded you are with your approach.

Use the following tips to spark new decorating ideas on a budget. These tips just might inspire your own ideas for how to decorate without going broke:

  • When you find looks you love, emulate them, but skip spendy designer pieces. Look for replicas instead.
  • Paint can make the most dramatic impact, yet is one of the least expensive items. Paint’s transformative powers are endless. Paint changes the feel of the room itself; gives tables, chairs, and other furniture a new life; and enhances all sorts of decorations and accent pieces.
  • What do you have that is no longer performing its original purpose? Hunt for items that are cracked or broken that could be turned into decorative accent pieces. An old blender might become a unique vase, for example. Some repurposed items work as table décor, while others might be hung on a wall or suspended from the ceiling or a light fixture.

8 Ideas for Dining Room Décor

It’s the details that delight. Many little things combine to have a big wow effect when guests enter your dining room. These accent pieces add interest, character, and dimension that attracts your guests’ attention and sparks conversation.

The possibilities are numerous for dining room decorating ideas on a budget. Let your imagination, personality, and interests guide you as you create mood-enhancing décor. Here are eight ideas to get you started:

  • Create one bold centerpiece to make a dramatic statement rather than purchasing multiple smaller items.
  • Paint the walls. Use stencils to create elegant patterns.
  • Use items that hold personal meaning. Frame paper menus from your favorite eateries or make a giant collage of tickets, programs, newspaper clippings, and the like.
  • Display a collection of items you love or that relate to dining. Hang plates, flatware, or both. Paint the flatware first for a striking look.
  • Build and paint your own utensil holder. Use painted or clear glass jars to hold utensils, but reserve at least one jar for flowers, dried herbs, or other decorative items that complement your dining room.
  • Make your own artwork rather than buying expensive pieces. Find a bunch of old frames and spray paint them so they’re the same color or contrasting colors. Hang them around old (or current) calendar images.
  • Use a hodgepodge of rugs stitched together to create a runner for your table.
  • Place strands of white lights in glass jars. Arrange them on a table near an outlet and enjoy a simple, warm, glow.

Where to Shop on a Budget

You can find many items for your dining room décor around your house. Still, you may decide you’d like to accent these pieces with ribbon, twine, flowers, appliques, and other craft items. Further, you may wish to add some pieces, big and small, to your redecorated dining room. Savvy and adventurous shopping will help you fulfill your dining room decorating ideas on a budget.

Rather than going to furniture or department stores if you need tables and chairs, shop at superstores such as Costco, Target, or Walmart. Walmart kitchen table sets, for example, come in a variety of sizes and styles. These dining sets are much less expensive, but look just as nice as specialty store dining sets.

Inexpensive tables and other items can be found in places other than superstores. Flea markets can be a treasure trove of delightful finds. It’s possible to go to a flea market with nothing more than vague decorating ideas, spend quite a bit of time there, and emerge with numerous items and inspirations.

Thrift stores are also rich in decorative finds for your dining room, and they won’t break your budget. You can find both ideas and items to give your dining room a fresh new look for entertaining. Look around slowly, and think outside the box when you see interesting pieces.

Many DIY decorators on a budget hit the jackpot at yard sales and estate sales. A wide variety of items awaits you, ready to be given new life and to give your dining room new life in return.

The process of creating a dining room worthy of even elegant entertaining can be fun and rewarding. Decorating on a budget gives you the opportunity to treasure hunt and to personally transform items into something wonderful. You’ll be ready to entertain in a unique dining room that you created on a budget.

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