If you had the privilege of experiencing them, you probably remember the joy of birthday parties as a kid. They might have been at place like Chucky Cheese, Jeepers Creepers, or any of the other plethora of kid friendly hand out spots.

But, what if you want to switch it up and give your kids something new and authentic?

Maybe you are on a budget and you want to find a great idea to give your kid joy and adventure on their birthday.

As it currently stands, there are many ideas that you can use to create an awesome birthday parties. From Virtual Reality caves to escape rooms, there are a ton of different cool options that exist to make a birthday party for your kid fun.

We have searched through the internet to find you the tightest ideas for your kids next birthday party.

We have prepared a guide that will explain how we decide which ideas are worthy of being used for your kids next birthday party. We will then provide you with top 4 birthday party ideas that are sure to make your kid ecstatic on their birthday.

How We Rate the Best Ideas for Your Birthday Parties for Kids, A Guide

When we choose which ideas make for a great birthday party, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration.

What type of event will your kid appreciate? Do they enjoy having all of their friends around in a space that is conducive to conversation? Or are they more the adventurous type who enjoys the outdoors?

Whichever their preference, there is a way to figure out whether or not a birthday party idea is a good fit for your child.

First, we recommend directly asking their child what they would like to do for their birthday. Try piquing their curiosity, and fish for topics that they may be interested in.

If they could have any type of birthday party what would it be?

We think choosing an exciting idea for your kid’s birthday party should be based on the following factors:

Kid’s Interest

The most important factor that you pay attention to, is whether or not the birthday party idea fits with your kid’s interest.

Try to choose an idea that fits in line with what your kid is interested in. This shows that you care about your child, and shows that you respect their interests.

Choosing to do this can allow your child to express their feelings and interests more openly. Validating your kids interest also positively reaffirms the child that their interest is worthwhile.


Think about the type of experience the idea opens up for your child. Is the idea something your kid has ever experienced before? Can they share this experience with their friends?

Sharing experiences is a large part of community building.

Nothing is better than having a birthday party where the attendees can feel welcome and share in the experience.

Top 5 Ideas for your Kids Next Birthday Party


1. VR Arcade, The Void

Kids Playing

If your kid is interested in video games, or any form of virtual reality, then planning a birthday party at a VR arcade is a smart move. VR arcades are stocked with interactive experiences that are on the cutting edge of technology. They are relatively new, novel, and are usually a fantastic time.

If your kid has any interest in technology, then we think taking them to a VR arcade like the Void is well worth the money.

The Void has multiple VR experiences, like a live action ghost busters experiences, where you can actually interact with the physical world. Through careful placement of screens and interactive panels, your kid will actually feel like they are on the set of Ghostbusters.

We think The Void is an excellent experience for kids to share, because Virtual Reality in its current state is the most complete it has ever been.

There is haptic touch that allows for vibrations and realistic feelings. The headset provided makes you feel like you are actually in a virtual world.

Your child and their friends will be talking about their trip to the Void for years to come.

The Void has multiple locations around the United States. You can find The Void in the following places:
  • Anaheim, California
  • Glendale, California
  • New York, New York
  • Lindon, Utah
  • Orlando, Florida
  • West Plano, Texas

Prices are also relatively reasonable for an experience of this caliber. For example, going to the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire Void experience at Disney Springs will cost $29.95 per guest.

While this is definitely going to be more expensive than a trip to Jeepers Creepers, it will also be memorable.

We think any kids that enjoys technology and video games will enjoy a trip to The Void. By combining physical reality with virtual reality, The Void offers the best glimpse at the future of VR and interactive technology.

We rate the VR Arcade, The Void, a rating of 5 out of 5.

2. National Park or State Park Birthday Party

If you take a quick look around the internet you will see many parents creating posters, banners, and various other items to help create birthday parties for kids. Some parents will theme the birthday party as a great outdoor adventure, but still have the party indoors.

Weather and time permitting, we recommend you take it to the next level and have a birthday party for your kid in the outdoors!

Having an outdoor party at a state park or national park is a great way to engage kids who have an interest in nature. Having a party in nature can involve a number of things. Your kid and their friends can go on a hike. They could enjoy fishing or maybe spotting various wildlife, with adult supervision of course.

The point of this idea is to get your kid out into an open area that has abundant nature. If your kid is a fan of the outdoors, then they will enjoy a party that is thrown for them in the great outdoors.

When it comes to experiences, we think this is an experience that kids won’t come across often.

With more time spent on technology, video games, T.Vs, and iPads, it is not a stretch to say kids interact with the outdoors less than previous generations did. That is not a knock on the current generation of kids. In addition, surveys don’t catch the outliers, the kids who do thoroughly enjoy being outside when they are given the chance.

A birthday party at state park or national park will give your child and their friends a chance to bond in the outdoors. They may be able to see things that they had no concept of. For example, what if your child saw a moose? Did you know moose is over twice the size of a c​​​​ar?

Imagine how their mind will be blown seeing animals in real life.

Having a birthday party in the great outdoors will allow your kid and their friends to bond in an environment they don’t often get a chance to visit.

That is definitely unique.

While holding a birthday party at a state park or national park is a novel idea, it’s not necessarily a great idea if your kid does not like the outdoors.

We rate holding a birthday party at a national park or a state park a 3 out of 5.

3.SkyZone Birthday Party

If your kid enjoys athletics, running around like a ninja, or simply being silly, then SkyZone offers a space that can provide hours of fun for a birthday party.

SkyZone is a trampoline park that includes a dodge ball zone, basketball zone, freestyle jump zone, and foam zone. We will break down each of these zones to explain why this is the perfect location to hold birthday parties for kids.

Dodge ball zone is a zone where kids can play dodge ball with one another while jumping high into the sky. If your kid ever wanted to feel like a ninja, this is the perfect space for that. Your kid can perform acrobatic flips without worrying about hurting themselves on the trampolines.

The Basketball zone is an area where kids could get together to play basketball games. If your kid has ever marveled at how high some ball players can jump, they can re-enact those moments in the basketball zone. This zone allows you to play an intense game of basketball with trampolines. Slam dunking will be easy, even for folks who aren’t tall.

The freestyle jump zone and foam zone offer safe places for your kid and their friends to experiment with jumping as high as they can. 

The added foam in the foam zone adds a protective layer, so this is a selling point for parents of kids who may be a bit concerned about their child’s safety.

In terms of experience, we definitely think having a birthday party at SkyZone is a great way to get your kid and their friends excited. It is not every day that kids get to participate in acrobatic gymnastics like professional acrobatics. Tumbling through the air untethered is exhilarating, and will definitely give your kid and their friends something to talk about for quite some time.

While SkyZone is an exhilarating location to engage in aerial acrobatics, there is a safety concern that some parents may have. Taking this into consideration, there are some parents that will not let their children attend a birthday party at SkyZone.

We give SkyZone a rating of 4 out of 5.

4. Painting Party  

Kid painting

Is your kid a fan of the arts? If so, why not get a few sketchpads, a large number of paints, and paint brushes, and have a painting party?

A painting party is a low-key way you can throw birthday parties for kids. The kids could paint on easels, or you could cover a wall with a sheet, and let the kids paint on that sheet.

The whole point of the painting party is to allow kids to express themselves on various platforms with paint.

If your kid enjoys creating, then we think this will be a fun way for them to engage with their interest on their birthday. You could hire a professional artist, to demonstrate how to paint popular cartoons or scenery. Or you could find YouTube videos and prepare lessons for the kids that may want more guidance at the painting birthday party.

In terms of experience, we think a painting party would be an excellent experience for your kid to share with their friends. They can share their creative visions with one another, and have fun getting somewhat messy with paint. You might be surprised who in your friends group has experience painting and actually turns out to be quite good. This could have the added benefit of having a child learn an art from one of their peers.

A painting party offers the space for kids to be creative.

We think painting parties are excellent settings for kids to be goofy and creative. Beyond just being creative, kids can engage in self expression, and relate to one another based on that self expression. To finish off a painting party why not provide a colorful cake!

We rate a painting party 4 out of 5.

Unique Ideas Available for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids Smiling

As we have laid out, there are many unique ideas that exist for throwing a birthday party for your kid.

If your kid enjoys video games and VR, then they may enjoy the interactive experience of The Void. If your kid is more the outdoorsy type, then why not bring your kid and a group of their friends to a national park.

There is no one perfect birthday party.

We have provided 4 great ideas that we are sure to excite your kid.

Remember though, it is important that you consider your kid’s interests. Try to pick a birthday party for them that they will be able to appreciate and enjoy.  

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