The days when people had to go to the store, purchase generic birthday party invitations, fill them out by hand, and mail them to their children’s friends and family is disappearing. The introduction of birthday invitation templates has changed the world of party invitations.

Technology is a grand thing and birthday party invitations are now a breeze because of the introduction of templates and pre-made designs. Whether you want to find the perfect design, or design your own, templates make it significantly less time-consuming to prepare and send party invites.

In this article, we will look at the different birthday invitation templates options. We’ll cover finding pre-made designs, designing your own, and printing vs. electronically sending invitations.

Pre-Made Birthday Party Invitations

Sites like Etsy and Pinterest have made finding pre-made party invitations a breeze. After you have picked a theme for the birthday party you are planning; you can go to Etsy or Pinterest and use the search bar to search for invitations that match your theme. Amazingly, there is almost no idea that has not been designed by someone. Birthday party invitation designers have made party-planners’ lives less complicated with the ease of ordering invitations.

When you find a pre-made birthday invitation template that you like, the ordering process is simple.

  1. Add the template to your cart.
  2. Go to your cart to place your order.
  3. Add your birthday party details in the comment box.
  4. Pay and submit.

From there, the process is speedy. Sometimes only taking thirty minutes to an hour before you receive the final product.

When the template designer receives an order, they go into their template and add your information, save it as a digital file, and then e-mail it to you for you to approve. After you confirm the details, they send the final digital birthday party invitation back to you.

At that point, you are all set!

Designing Your Own Birthday Party Invitation

If you want to make your own birthday party invitations, websites like Canva, AdobeSpark, and VistaPrint make it easy. You design your invitations with as little, or as much, walkthrough help as you need.

Canva offers birthday invitation templates that assist you with design styles, but allow you the freedom to customize the design and wording.

AdobeSpark has a free online birthday invitation maker that helps you customize your own birthday party invitations. It make the process easy, even for people who have no design skills.

VistaPrint offers many different options for you to design and create your birthday party invitations. Its website allows you to design completely on your own, choose from templates, or utilize their tools to create your design.

Many people choose digital invitations because they don’t have to write all the invites by hand. Other people love the fact that they can customize their birthday party invitations to fit perfectly with the theme of the party they are planning. Either way, when you decide to go digital with your party invitations, the only choice you must make is whether you want a pre-made design, a template to help you create your own, or the option to design your birthday invitation entirely on your own.

After you are finished creating your party invitations, you’ll then decide whether to do printable invitations or digital invitations.

Printable Invitations versus Digital Invitations

While many people are embracing the rapid advancement of technology, there are a surprisingly large number of people who still prefer actual mail versus e-mail. The same is true for birthday party invitations. Printable invitations are still sent far more frequently than digital invitations.

What About Kids’ Birthday Parties?

Every parent has preferences over how they receive communication. Most parents are okay with e-mails and text messages, while some parents prefer having communication sent home in the backpack of their child. It is true that e-mails are sometimes easily missed, especially if they are sent to junk folders, or the e-mail address of the sender or the subject line doesn’t resound with the received. For this reason, printable invitations are typically the safer way to go, to ensure parents receive them.

If you decide to send a digital birthday party invitation, it is essential to either ask for a “read receipt” or to set a reminder to either reach out or resend the digital birthday party invitation to the people you didn’t receive a response from.

For printable invitations, there are pros and cons. A pro is that kids enjoy handing out their birthday party invitations to their peers. Kids also love receiving invitations from their friends. A con is that many schools do not allow party invitations to be passed out at school and getting addresses of all classmates can be almost impossible.


Planning a birthday party is both exciting and draining. Birthday invitation templates have gotten rid of the boring and time-consuming process of filling out generic birthday party invitations by hand. Now, party planners can decide whether they want to send a pre-made invitation, customize their own invitation with the help of templates or tools, or customize their own invitation without any help at all.

After designing the invitations, party planners must decide what the best delivery method is for the invitations. Some people prefer to send their invitations digitally while others print their invitations to deliver in person or through the mail.

No matter what method you choose for designing and sending your birthday party invitations, technology has made a big impact on the process of creating invitations. It has opened the door for people to make unique, customized birthday party invitations. Generic invitations are almost a thing of the past, and most party planners are grateful for all the benefits technology has brought to birthday party invitations.

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