Who doesn’t love to attend a tropical birthday party? Mix fun island vibes with a tropical happy birthday celebration, and you have a recipe for a fun-filled afternoon or evening. Incorporate all of the best summertime feelings of relaxing in the sun, sipping a fruity drink, and enjoying the company of the ones you love. Host an evening tropical happy birthday celebration for a close friend or create a laid-back daytime party for your kid. Tropical birthday parties are great for children and adults.

Creating an island oasis that is low maintenance and budget-friendly is probably more effortless than you realize. We’ve created a list containing some of the best ideas to make sure that the tropical oasis you create is a hit.


Do not downplay how essential invitations are. A party invitation is the first time your guests get to receive a preview of what they can expect from the party that you are hosting. Good invites should set the tone for the event, and should also incorporate the party’s theme and color scheme.

For a tropical party, consider choosing a bright and vibrant color scheme for your invitations. Shades of yellow, pink, orange and light green all work well.

Cut out the invites in the shape of a pineapple or use a stamp to print hibiscus flowers or Hawaiian leis onto the cardstock you plan to use to create the invitations. If you aren’t in the mood for a DIY project, there are many cute, tropical premade invitations that you can purchase from almost any party store.


Decorations are going to create the ambiance for the event. Décor for your tropical birthday party should be fun, bright, and festive. Incorporating small details throughout the party will immerse your guests into the tropical paradise that you’ve created.


Piñatas are multi-functional. Not only are they a fun way for guests to collect some free candy, but they also serve as a large centerpiece for the middle of the room.

If you plan far enough in advance, you can order some specialized piñatas online. Some great shapes to be on the lookout for are tropical fish, flamingos, tikis, and palm trees.


Balloons are one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room, so set your party apart by using balloons of all different shapes and sizes.

Character balloons of hula girls and parrots may be fun for a kid’s party, but if you are hosting a tropical party for adults, opt for options that are a little more sophisticated. For example, use oversized, metallic-colored palm frond helium balloons paired along with standard white balloons that have tropically themed stamps pressed onto them.


Consider using signs that match your tropical theme throughout the party space. Use signs that indicate where the gift table is and where guests can go to find drinks, snacks, and dessert. Consider placing a menu onto a tropically themed charger plate if you are hosting an event where guests will sit down for a meal. The menu will enhance the appearance of the table.


If you’re using disposable plates, cups, and cutlery, be sure to stick to the color scheme that you have chosen for the party.

Cups in the shape of a big coconut or a pineapple are sure to be a hit with guests. To add a little fun to the straws, use a flamingo straw decoration to dress up festive cocktails or fruit punches.


Looking for a way to keep guests entertained? Here are a few fun activities to keep in mind that are sure to be appreciated.

  • Hula-hoop contest
  • Limbo
  • Pineapple bowling
  • Banana chip poker
  • Tropical bingo

tropical birthday party

Food and Beverage


For adults, there are a variety of fun tropical cocktails that you can mix up. Consider making big pitchers of mojitos or daiquiris for guests to enjoy.

For non-alcoholic drinks, make a batch of tropical punch. For an easy punch recipe, just stir together one bottle of fruit punch, one bottle of orange juice, and a two-liter of ginger ale. Be sure to garnish the bowl with large pieces of cut-up fruit.


Play up fresh tropical flavors and keep appetizers simple. Layers of strawberries, kiwis, and pineapples make great fruit kebabs. If some adventurous eaters are attending your party, make up a batch of ceviche that will impress your guests.

Main Course

For tropical-themed main dishes, sliders or kebabs are sure to please just about every partygoer. Pulled pork sliders are a great grab-and-go option. For vegetarians, make up a batch of tofu kebabs layered with fresh vegetables that are in season.


Every fantastic birthday party has a great dessert.  Cupcakes are a sweet way to end a party because they eliminate the need to dirty serving ware, and guests can conveniently help themselves as they please. Plus, cupcake displays enhance the visual appeal of just about any dessert table.

For fun flavor ideas that your guests are sure to love, consider coconut or orange cream flavored cupcakes. Display the cupcake stand next to a big bowl of fruit salad, and guests will definitely be satisfied.

Party Favors

End your tropical birthday party by sending guests off with a thoughtful thank-you you for coming out and enjoying your event.

For kids, an easy to assemble packet of bubbles, sunglasses, and fruit snacks is a fun and inexpensive option. Adults will love pineapple or coconut shaped bottle openers or notepads.

It is fun and easy to create a tropical themed happy birthday celebration that is sure to delight. Play up the beautiful fruits and flowers that are naturally in tropical environments. By using some, or all, of the ideas that we have listed above, your guests are sure to leave your event feeling as they’ve just walked out of an island paradise.

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