Turning 50 should be seen as a milestone birth anniversary. While it's a time for reflection, it's also a time to celebrate the honor and distinction that comes with turning 50. It's definitely a birthday to celebrate with a party full of food, fun, and your favorite people. With so many different themes, you'll need to narrow down your 50th birthday party ideas to throw a party to remember.

Fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Anyone

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Planning a 50th birthday party can be a lot of work but also a lot of fun, especially when you're celebrating yourself or someone you care for. There are a variety of 50th birthday party ideas and themes you can choose from, but the key is to determine what the person being celebrated likes and what will be fun and exciting for the party guests. If you're looking for 50th birthday party ideas that may not be specific to a particular person, consider:


Cheers To 50 Years

Honor the birthday star with a featured drink dedicated to them. Another way to celebrate is to have others say a few words about the guest of honor. Spruce up the decor with gold and champagne glasses as decorations too.

Props To You

Party props make the party even more fun. Create props that could be sentimental to the guest of honor, or use a specific color or theme, or maybe even use some of their favorite quotes or sayings. Make it even more fun with a photo booth full of funny props to make the photos stand out even more.

Rock Stars 

Party like a rock star with the guest of honor. Who's the birthday honoree's favorite band? If you're unable to bring in their favorite band, consider hiring a live band that can play the music of their favorite band. Consider props or décor specific to music and the guest of honor's favorite band.

Kids At Heart

No matter how old we get, there's still always a kid inside of us. Bring out your inner kid for this 50th birthday party idea with all things bright, youthful and plenty of tasty sweets and treats. Take the party up a notch with a variety of games from your childhood.

50s Decade Party

Celebrate turning 50 in the 50s with a party dedicated to the 1950s. Pull out your poodle skirt or lettered cardigan and throw on some top hits from the 50s for a throwback night of fun.

Favorite Decade Party

Is it the 70s, 80s or 90s? Whatever your honoree's favorite decade is, make that the theme of the party and encourage all your guests to dress for the decade. If possible, get some props for the decade to use for photos or to even wear throughout the night.

 Dinner Party

Sometimes it's just all about the food. Throw the birthday honoree a dinner party with food that they love. Mix it up too. If they love Mexican, Italian and Japanese dishes, provide a couple of each to give a variety and indulge your guest's taste.

The Great Gatsby

If you're looking for a party theme that is luxurious and creative, The Great Gatsby could be your pick. Have your guests dress up in 20s era clothing and decorate with all the bells and whistles.

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

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Whether you're the birthday man or you're throwing a 50th birthday for your father, brother husband or friend, you'll need to pick the perfect party theme to help make turning 50 even greater. These party ideas can help make the 50th birthday party a night to remember.


Silver Fox Party

Celebrate the good looking, grey-haired birthday boy with an all silver or platinum party. If possible, get a photo of the guest of honor in silver or grey to hang at the party and encourage all guests to wear silver or a color within that family.


Fifty Years, Beers, And Cheers

If the birthday boy is a lover of beer, this is the perfect party idea for him. Make sure there's plenty of his favorite beer to serve and for him, of course. Find décor that is beer-related or related to his favorite beer to make the idea even more personal.


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

For someone that has made an impact or created a legacy they should be proud of, this idea is the perfect way to celebrate who they are and turning 50. Create a well-wishes table for party guests to leave notes on the impact the guest of honor has made in his 50 years and ask someone special to make a special toast.

Then To Now (Timeline Party)

Take a trip down memory lane with this party idea. Set up photos at the party from birth to 50 years old of the guest of honor. Make the photos even more meaningful by having party goers leave kind words for the birthday boy on the photos.

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Women

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Make 50 magical and memorable for the favorite lady in your life, whether that's your wife, sister, aunt, mother, or friend. Think about using one of these ideas as a way to give them a 50th birthday party people will talk about for years to come.

One Hot Tamale

This 50th birthday party idea can make the birthday girl feel young and beautiful. Give the room a lot of red décor and even ask guests to wear a shade of red. Of course, you don't want to forget the spicy food, red foods (dye some food red too), and even Hot Tamale candy.


Nothing To Wine About:

If the birthday girl loves wine, give her wine. Find out her favorite wine or type of wine to include at the party and get plenty of wine décor. If it's possible, put bottles of wine on each of the tables at the party as a complementary gift for guests. Encourage guests to bring wine or wine-related gifts for the guest of honor.



Up, up and away. If the birthday girl is a traveler, make travel her party theme. Find out where she's traveled to or her favorite places to travel, both locally and internationally, and set up the party around those ideas. Provide food from those cities or countries and decorate different areas based on the travel location.


A Sweet Five-O

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? Make the party all about cakes, brownies, cupcakes and candy favorites of the guest of. Make the party décor colors soft and sweet, just like the treats.


A Family Affair

For many, family comes first and if this fits your birthday girl, this family-themed idea could be a good fit. Make the party all about the family with photos posted around the party of the family, the majority of course, including the guest of honor. Ask family members to say a few words dedicated to the birthday girl.

Additional 50th Birthday Party Ideas

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If a theme isn't what you're looking for but you still want to make yours or your loved one's 50th birthday special, there are still great ideas to make that happen. Maybe your guest of honor isn't big on parties or prefers something more intimate, there are still ways to acknowledge them in a memorable way with these 50th birthday party ideas.

50 Fun Facts about The Birthday Honoree

Discover 50 fun and even random facts that describe the guest of honor. Print them on photos of the birthday girl or boy or on a decorated board. Even more fun, make a game out of the facts like Jeopardy!


50 Great Accomplishments

50 years of life equals several accomplishments for many. Take some time to focus on the guest of honor's career and life accomplishments, whether it's them being a world traveler, an advocate for a cause, or becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Celebrate their successes with a gift related to one of their many accomplishments.


50 Reasons Why We Love The Birthday Honoree

Who doesn't want to hear why they are loved by the people they care about the most? Gather reasons why you, your family and friends all love the birthday guest of honor, choose 50 and present them during the party. Make sure to print the reasons and display them beautifully to present to the birthday honoree after the reasons have been read.


50 years of life is a huge milestone and should be celebrated. Whether there's a big party with all the bells and whistles or an intimate gathering between friends and family, it's important to celebrate such a significant birth anniversary and create lasting memories. Capture the party fun and smiles of your guest of honor with photos and video to always have as a keepsake for the celebration of your loved ones 50th birthday.

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