There are some traditions you can’t mess with.

For many people, the office holiday party is an annual office ritual that is looked forward to throughout the year.

What makes office holiday parties so special is the amount of great food that is brought in. It’s a time to show off a beloved recipe or a new creation.

The office party is a break from the mundane, everyday restaurants that everyone is tired of eating. It’s a time to celebrate the holidays, enjoy great food and get to know your colleagues over a meal.

But you can’t just take any dish to the party. You have to put a little bit of thought or planning into what to bring. With a little bit of planning and effort, your dish can be the star of the party.



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Deviled Eggs

Chips and Dip 

A Bundt Cake




Mexican Layered Dip

Fruit Skewers With a Cream Cheese Dip

Broccoli Salad


The Top 10 Office Holiday Party Foods

Deviled Eggs

Besides being one of the tastiest inventions in the culinary world, Deviled Eggs are one of the most beloved office traditions. You can easily make enough to feed an entire office, they are easy to pack up and transport. You don’t need any special utensils to serve them either. As long as you can keep them refrigerated up until the time of the party then these are amazingly simple to serve.

You can make your life even easier by purchasing an inexpensive deviled egg carrier.

This dish gets extra points because it’s a great source of protein, can be enjoyed by meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. Deviled Eggs are also very inexpensive to make and, of course, they taste like home.

This is a fantastic time to bring out the family recipe or you can easily find a recipe from a friend or online.

Chips and Dip 

It’s hard to find any fault with the Chips and Dip option. You can create your own dip with a family recipe or you can find a great store-bought option. Chips and Dip make great side dishes to just about any meal. A little dip and a couple of bags of chips can go a long way. We love that it’s easy to transport, store and serve. Who doesn’t love a bowl of creamy, cool, satisfying French Onion Dip? 

You don’t have to limit yourself to just potato chips and ranch dip either. This is a time you can get creative and show off a little. Maybe try a Greek Pita Spread served with pita chips or a Roasted Red Pepper Humm us paired with Vegetable Chips. The possibilities are almost endless with everyone’s favorite Chips and Dip.

A Bundt Cake

It doesn’t get much better than the beloved Bundt cake. You can usually bake one with ingredients you already have on hand at home. A Bundt cake is one of those recipes that everyone wants to know where it came from. There is something so impressive about the shape and presentation of this classic dessert. The Bundt cake makes a perfect choice because it’s easy to slice and serve, feeds a large crowd, and doesn’t usually require refrigeration. 

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The office holiday party is a great time to indulge in a Triple Chocolate Buttermilk cake recipe or even a butter rum cake. Red Velvet makes a perfect holiday treat too. There are also great recipes that use a box mix or that you can make from scratch. 

The Bottom Line - There are no shortage of ideas when it comes to Bundt cakes. 

You may have to invest in a quality Bundt cake pan in order to make this traditional dessert.


You would be hard-pressed to find any smell that’s better than meatballs heating up in a slow cooker in the breakroom.  Meatballs are a favorite with the office crowd because they are warm, comforting, filling and can taste amazing. 

You can make your own meatballs or you can use the shortcut method and buy pre-made frozen meatballs. 

The only downside to serving meatballs is you generally need to have a slow cooker to keep them warm throughout the morning. The upside is you are virtually guaranteed not to have any leftovers. 

There are many easy recipes. Whether it’s the classic grape jelly, BBQ sauce or a delicious brown gravy sauce, these are a staple for any office holiday party. 

4.5 out of 5 stars because you have to serve the meatballs warm.


Pinwheels are another great option for an office holiday party. You can make a variety of flavors-think ham, vegetarian, turkey- and they are beautiful served on a platter. Slice up the pinwheels and watch them disappear quickly. 

Try these simple Veggie Ranch Tortilla Pinwheels for your next office party. You will be glad you brought something that is so effortless to make, you can easily carry into the office and doesn’t require any type of warm up.


Everybody loves cupcakes. If someone tells you they don’t like them then they are either lying or they want people to think they are trying to eat healthy. Cupcakes are an almost perfect holiday office party food. They are highly portable, you can make them big or small, people can grab one at the party or take one for later. If that’s not enough, you can make different flavors for people to try. 

While making your own cupcakes are a great way to show your baking skills, there are delicious store-bought or bakery options that are easy to find. 

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For a holiday party go for something indulgent like a Red Velvet Cupcake or Dark Chocolate option. Then watch how quickly the cupcakes are scooped up. If you can do yourself a favor ahead of time and order a cupcake carrier then it will make the cupcakes an even more convenient option.

Mexican Layered Dip

Not only does everyone seem to like this dip, but it looks so pretty on the table.  With the orange from shredded cheese, the black olives, and deep red tomatoes and green guacamole, it’s a colorful addition to any meal. Served with tortilla chips, this is always a party pleaser. 

Mexican layered dip serves a large crowd, is easy to serve (just bring a spoon to make it easier) and can be refrigerated until party time.

Fruit Skewers With a Cream Cheese Dip

We get it. Sometimes you need to bring a healthier option or something lighter to go with all of the indulgent party foods. Fresh fruit is a great side dish to consider. You can make fruit even more interesting by making or buying a delicious cream cheese dip to go along side it. 

There are lots of options, even during the winter months. You can slice apples, pears, grapes, or oranges. All pair perfectly with a sweet, creamy dip. There are lots of simple recipes using cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla. How could you possibly go wrong with ingredients like that?

Broccoli Salad

Not only does this salad look gorgeous, but it also has the added benefit of containing one healthy ingredient (the broccoli) so you don’t feel completely gluttonous at the office party. This dish is best when it has time to refrigerate overnight, making it perfect to serve the next day at the office party.


If you have been looking for an excuse to make something with delicious cuts of meat, warm and toasted buttery bread plus melty, oozing cheese then this is the time. 

Sliders aren’t just for football parties anymore. There are no shortage of recipes for easy to advanced ways of making these party favorites. You can even buy pre-formed slider patties at the grocery stores now. 

Additionally, you can go with the cheeseburger route or try something elegant such as ham and cheese, meatballs or BBQ chicken with apple slaw. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to these beauties. 

These are best served warm so make sure you have the capacity to heat these up prior to serving. 

4 out of 5 stars because you have to serve warm and make two or three batches.

What Makes A Great Holiday Party Recipe?

Before we dive into the top 10 office holiday party recipes, here are the biggest factors in choosing the best dish. 

  • Must be portable 

This is a big one. If you take public transportation to work or ride your bike, then the last thing you want is to have to haul a slow cooker down the street. Even if you have your own car, it will make your life much easier if you have something that easily transports. 

  • Must be easily refrigerated or served at room temperature 

As much as we love piping hot dishes straight from the oven, chances are your office isn’t setup for you to be able to heat something up before a party. Your best bet is to serve something that can be set out at room temperature or stay refrigerated up until time for the event. 

  • Must appeal to a wide variety of tastes 

We know you can’t make everyone happy, but you want to make something that most people would like. This may not be the time to pull out the obscure Borsht recipe. Try to bring something that is generally heard of and well-liked. 

Speaking of favorite recipes, this is a fantastic time to show off a family favorite. Your co-workers love to feel like they have a seat at your family dinner table so try to bring something that has meaning to you. Just be sure to pick a recipe that you think would appeal to a variety of people. 

  • Can feed a crowd 

What good is your best recipe if there isn’t enough to go around? People in the office love to eat food that someone else has prepared. Make sure you have enough for everyone to get a bite or two. Sure, it may seem like too much when you have to make 3 dozen of something, but you can always send any leftovers home with your colleagues. 

  • Easily served and plated 

If you are bringing something to share then it’s always a considerate idea to bring something that is easy to serve. Finger foods are great options for office holiday parties because they are easier to grab and cleanup after. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transporting extra utensils. If you can’t make a finger food, then go ahead and plan on bringing your own utensils for serving (such as a spoon or spatula). The last thing you want is to have to rely on using the plastic spoon leftover from the last catered lunch. 

These are just a few pointers to guide you in selecting the best dish for your next office party. If you need even more inspiration, keep reading for our list of the Top 10 best office holiday party foods. 

We put this list together based on the criteria above (portable, doesn’t need heating, wide appeal and makes a ton) plus reviews from readers with their favorite ideas. 

We have also provided our ratings to each recipe so you can easily determine which one is going to be the next hit at your holiday party. The highest ranking a recipe can receive is 5 stars.

Now You Are Ready for Your Holiday Office Party

Now that you have the tips on what to bring and ideas for an amazing dish, it’s time to get cooking! 

We are sure with these tried and true methods and classic recipes that your dish will be the star of the table. The only question left is which recipe are you going to try first?

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